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February 13, 2003
Paul Clinton Healthier-foods grocery store Henry's Marketplace is readying its third Orange County store at the Costa Mesa Square shopping center, a spokeswoman said. The store is scheduled to open within a month. The Southern California grocer, which operates 19 other stores in the region, has also hired David San Miguel as its store director, the company said. "We're excited about opening a new store in Costa Mesa and adding David to the team," said John Baker, the vice president of Henry's.
January 5, 2004
Alicia Robinson Walking a picket line isn't how most local grocery workers envisioned starting the new year. After three months of carrying signs in front of their workplaces, the striking and locked-out workers are weary but keeping up hope for a favorable resolution to their contract dispute. United Food and Commercial Workers union members employed by Vons grocery stores called the strike in October after a contract disagreement with employers over health and pension benefits.
November 26, 2003
Alicia Robinson The holidays may be difficult this year for everyone affected by the labor dispute between grocery clerks and three major grocery chains. The strike and lockout of United Food and Commercial Workers union members is now in its seventh week. On Monday when picket lines were extended to include distribution centers for Albertsons, Ralphs and Vons stores, Teamsters who drive the stores' trucks honored the strike and stopped deliveries.
February 6, 2003
Kathy Mader Grocery stores aren't normally where you would look to catch a bite to eat. But grocery stores aren't what they used to be either, and I mean that in a good way. The stiff competition between markets has caused everyone to step up. You see remodels all over town, and the delis in all of our local grocery stores are now top notch. But none are better than the deli/cafe at Bristol Farms in Corona del Mar. First of all, this is a food lover's grocery store -- I'm sorry, gourmet market -- with foods from around the world creatively displayed in various sections of the store.
November 29, 2002
Deirdre Newman It seemed like such a simple idea. Pick up extra food from grocery stores that would normally be discarded and deliver it to social service agencies. But when Corona del Mar High School senior Joe Klunder first broached this idea to the management of a Newport Beach grocery store, he was immediately thwarted. "I called the manager ... and he hung up on me," Klunder said. But the 17-year-old was undeterred. Through legal research, cold-calling and perseverance, Klunder transformed his kernel of an idea into the Youth Community Organization Serving Others, which delivers food and clothing to various social service agencies in the Newport-Mesa area.
By Alicia Robinson | November 7, 2006
BALBOA PENINSULA — The St John family will no longer bring its personal touch to the grocery business after the closing of the Balboa Village Market over the weekend. However, the market, a former Safeway that's been a fixture on the peninsula since 1938, may not be closing for good. Bob St John, who owns the store with his son Scott, said Monday he was talking to a potential buyer. But St John has decided to retire after nearly five years of trying to turn the store's fortunes around and achieving only limited success.
March 29, 2008
Presidential contender Barack Obama, rocked by criticism for his affiliation with Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright, recently delivered a speech distancing himself from his longtime pastor’s most inflammatory comments but also calling on the nation to engage in a conversation about race. Many religious leaders have heeded the call. Do you think it would be productive to do that in Newport-Mesa, and what would be the best way to go about it?   Obama not only addressed race, but called us to accountability.
January 14, 2005
Greer Wylder If you're craving Hungarian goulash, schnitzel, hearty Baltic rye bread or buckets of homemade sauerkraut, you're either reading this from Poland, your grandmother is from Munich, or you're the ideal customer for Globe European Delicatessen. It's a one-stop shopping destination for Eastern European groceries in Costa Mesa. "Once you've lived in Europe, you're hooked," co-owner Manfred Kunze said. "Nearly half of our customers have spent time in the service or on business in Europe.
September 2, 2002
Lolita Harper COSTA MESA -- Who says a dollar can't but you anything? Never fear, it's not another commercial featuring athletes proving they didn't miss their calling when they chose baseball over the drama club. The 99 Cents Only Store is making a home for itself in Costa Mesa and retail officials hope to continue the chain's reputation of providing brand-name products for less than a dollar. The Commerce-based retail chain will open on the corner of Harbor Boulevard and Victoria Street Sept.
November 24, 1999
It's the day before Thanksgiving, but already I grow reflective, taking stock of my blessings. I am thankful for a small dark coffee at Diedrich's in the morning. I am thankful for Randy Harvey's column in the sports section of the Times. I am thankful for the cilantro pepper sauce at Wahoos. I am thankful for the smell of the pine trees in the Sierras, the glassy waves at Crescent Beach in the late afternoon, the sound of Vin Scully's voice in the early days of spring training.
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