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By Paul Anderson | January 29, 2009
Super Bowl Sunday. Three little words that make even girlie girls want to block out some time on a Sunday to watch grown men in body armor barrel into each other like animals. But you can’t watch it at home if you want to really get your blood up with the crowd. Besides, we know most of you weren’t invited to Leigh Steinberg’s shindig in Tampa. Well, fortunately, in Newport Beach there’s Rudy’s Pub & Grill where you can wave your Terrible Towel or, uh, I don’t know, tweet like a Cardinal or something.
By John Reger | December 17, 2008
Having been to the Huntington Beach location, I was happy to see that Aloha Grill and Tiki Bar has expanded into Costa Mesa. I was even more happy to see it kept the same menu, but certainly worked on making the atmosphere at the new location a little different. The Hawaiian theme is more prevalent at the Huntington Beach location and certainly has a more beach-like feel, appropriate because it is about two blocks from the pier. The Costa Mesa location takes on a more Polynesian theme, using tiki statues and torches, but acts more like a restaurant, than a club, which is more fitting to the Huntington Beach location.
November 5, 2008
Starting Nov. 28, Wildfish Seafood Grille in Newport Beach will offer its exclusive “12 Cocktails of Christmas,” drink menu, a collection of drinks with the tastes of the holidays. The tastes will include a Pumpkin Pie Martini, consisting of Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum, Pumpkin Liqueur and a dash of cream; and a Candy Cane Martini with Grey Goose Vodka and Bols Candy Cane Liqueur adorned with a miniature candy cane. In addition to creative drinks, the Wildfish Seafood Grille, at 1370 Bison Ave. — near The Bluffs dining and entertainment center — also serves prime seafood, USDA prime steaks and delectable desserts.
May 25, 2008
Memorial Day weekend often has been thought of, informally at least, as the kick-off for the summer season. Probably because in March and April you can still sense that struggle between spring and summer as the cooler temperatures give way to more consistently sunnier days. But by the end of May, baseball season is well on its, way and those heat waves, like the one we experienced this week, emerge. So it’s natural that our thoughts often turn to getaways, barbecues, surfing, moonlit strolls on the beach with that special someone.
By Michael Miller | August 30, 2007
COSTA MESA — A red and white “Now Hiring” sign hangs from the awning of the Corner Office Sports Bar and Grill, behind a line of cars that crowd the end of this mostly deserted parking lot. Inside, the neon Budweiser and Miller beer signs shine over the windows. Five widescreen televisions, renowned for showing five different games at once, loom impressively on the wall. The other doors at the Lakes Pavilions Retail Center are locked, with windows showing barren counters and the residues of moving out. Before long, the entire center is expected to be demolished to make room for a high-rise residential complex.
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