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By Byron de Arakal | March 12, 2008
A specter has emerged on Costa Mesa’s horizon that may have parts of this place looking like Toontown. It seems the folks who keep tabs on the water situation around these parts want the Costa Mesa City Council to noodle on the idea of tweaking the city law that pooh-poohs artificial plants in public places like street medians and parkways. And why? To give fake grass a fighting chance to take root in Costa Mesa’s public domain. Now it already occurs that water-minded Costa Mesans who don’t much relish lawn-mowing cardio can collect a rebate from the Mesa Consolidated Water District when they purchase and install plastic grass in their yards.
July 2, 2007
The difficulty of maintaining Costa Mesa's Bark Park, and especially its grass, has led the nonprofit foundation that operates it to ask permission to seek sponsors. Since opening in 1994, the popular public dog park has operated with money from donations and fundraising events held by the foundation. An agreement between the city and Bark Park Foundation bans advertising at the park, and the city's municipal code prohibits ads on city facilities, city recreation manager Jana Ransom said.
By Jason Kornfeld | May 29, 2007
Imagine a child dribbling a soccer ball down a picturesque grass field without a care in the world and effortlessly striking the ball into the goal and against the back of the net. The child is so ecstatic that he high-fives his teammates, screams "Goal!" and buries his face in his jersey while rolling around and collecting grass stains. Now imagine what it would be like to be a kid and not have the opportunity to embrace that experience. The eighth annual Daily Pilot Cup starts today and the children of one elementary school in particular are happy just to be able to have a chance to compete.
By Steve Virgen | March 5, 2007
When the stress of maintaining a plush golf course is about to consume him, Ron Benedict escapes to his place of solace. If he's on a hill just above the No. 2 hole at Newport Beach Country Club, chances are it hasn't been a good day. But in a few minutes, the day will become better. As golf course superintendent of NBCC, every so often Benedict needs to unwind. Sometimes, he's there a bit more during the days leading up to the Toshiba Classic, which starts today and ends Sunday.
November 24, 2006
I read that St. Augustine is the best grass for a semi-shady area. I have removed half of my backyard due to weeds, etc. When can I sod with St. Augustine? If not until spring, should I sow rye grass on the part I removed? LARRY Newport Beach Yes, St. Augustine is a better choice for semi-shady areas, although no grass will grow well in full shade. Being a warm-season grass, St. Augustine should be installed in late spring or summer, not now. It can be installed from sod, which is pricey, or plugs or stolons.
By Dominic Perrone | March 12, 2006
Michelle Tolfa could feel the change in her feet. Standing barefoot on Corona del Mar High's outfield grass is no longer a painful proposition. Last season, just the sight of the 14-year old softball facility hurt, let alone standing on the "prickly" grass. Even sitting in the stands ? with only a 12-foot backstop fence to protect fans ? was risky. Everybody involved with the softball program knew the field needed to be fixed. The problems didn't stop there. The distance from home plate to the backstop and foul line to dugout did not meet CIF Southern Section regulations.
By By Alicia Robinson | December 8, 2005
Béa Tiritilli is pleased with her fourth-place finish in Tuesday's election; jockeying begins in race to replace Campbell; Orange County Supervisor Jim Silva honored for his innovative work with the county's 1994 bankruptcy. Though she came in fourth out of five candidates in Tuesday's special Congressional election and only received 1,409 votes or 1.4% of ballots cast, Green party candidate Béa Tiritilli still counted her campaign for the 48th District House seat a success. "I gave voters an opportunity to choose an alternative voice to represent their views, we registered many new Green voters, and I did receive more votes than I expected in this extremely conservative district," Tiritilli said in a statement Wednesday.
By: STEVE SMITH | October 12, 2005
On a trip to New York in 1988, my wife and I were in midtown Manhattan when the lunch hour arrived. For most of us, that's a casual time of day, when we take a little time to relax before completing the rest of our duties. Not in Manhattan. In Manhattan, the lunch hour is a race against the clock and your fellow man. The loser is the person who did not get his or her order in at the deli in time, or who did not bring sneakers in order to get in some power shopping.
July 7, 2005
Alicia Robinson A grass-roots group aiming to block any future expansion at John Wayne Airport is drumming up support from local officials, but what they'll do with that support is still up in the air. The Costa Mesa City Council on Tuesday approved a resolution supporting AirFair, a group with an Irvine mailing address and members including former Newport Beach City Councilwomen Evelyn Hart and Jean Watt. AirFair's message is simple: no more expansion of flights, passengers or facilities at John Wayne Airport.
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