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Global Warming

By Daniel Tedford | February 8, 2008
Civil rights activist and Oakland native Van Jones came to OCC Thursday to talk about color and America — not black and white, but green. Jones spoke to students as part of “Focus the Nation,” a teach-in hosted at the community college raising awareness about global warming. Jones is the founder of the Ella Baker Center, which fights against human rights abuses. He flew down to speak at the school, not just about saving the world, but how saving the world can save jobs.
February 11, 2004
Marisa O'Neil While most people watch the evening news to see if they'll need their umbrella the next day, researchers on campus are predicting the weather 300 years from now. A new $1-million supercomputer in UC Irvine's department of earth system science creates models to simulate global climate conditions hundreds of years from now. Unlike the local weather forecast, it gives a worldwide, long-term overview....
September 23, 2011
After receiving my grandparents' letter about the four women taking a last spin on the Balboa carousel, I had to collect my tears and start to laugh about all the fun I have had on that wonderful carousel. It breaks my heart to think that they are going to take apart a piece of so many families' traditions to have a patio. I spent so many summers standing in line watching it go round and round to pick out my favorite horse to ride. As soon as they took my token, I would run as fast as I could and jump on for the two-minute ride.
October 3, 2013
I cannot understand the reason for letting dogs on Balboa Island beaches. Very often I see dogs on the beaches before 9 a.m. and after 5 p.m. (and after 9 and before 5) on leashes (or not), peeing and pooping in the same sand that, a short time later, unaware children will be sitting in, digging in and using to build castles. Parents, too, seem unaware. Isn't this just plain nuts? I am trying to understand why this health hazard exists and how it might be remedied. Dariela Wilson Balboa Island * Going to press doesn't help As a resident of Costa Mesa, I am having some difficulty understanding where we are heading with regard to our local militia, or Police Department, and our city's governing body.
By Brianna Bailey | October 17, 2009
Featuring appearances by Republican heavyweights such as Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty and 2010 gubernatorial candidate and former EBay Chief Executive Meg Whitman, the Western Conservative Political Action Conference rolled through Newport Beach this weekend. Organized by Republican activist Jim Lacy, the conference has slowly gained momentum over its five-year existence. “This is the heart and soul of the conservative movement,” said Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, a longtime conference supporter.
By Brianna Bailey | March 12, 2009
College Park Elementary School third-graders will have a new shade tree to read and daydream under in a few years after their new Willow pittosporum tree takes root in one corner of the school yard. The Newport-Balboa Rotary Club sponsored the donation of the tree, provided by West Coast Arborists, on Thursday in observation of Arbor Day. The club picks a different elementary school each year to honor with a donated tree. “The tree will be a great place for kids to go out and read and sit under,” said College Park Principal John Sanders.
December 14, 2002
My son is 10 years old. He expressed concern about terrorists launching nerve gas rockets at the United States. Actually, he is concerned about one of the rockets landing in our yard. He is worried about a nerve gas bomb because it is a topic of discussion among his friends. Another reason is that the potential for a war with Iraq was the lead story in a newsletter that is distributed to children in schools across the country. Another reason that this has appeared on his radar is that he has started to read the newspaper.
By Joseph N. Bell | December 16, 2009
The running debate between faith and science, which has increased steadily in intensity this year, has two detours just as harsh but considerably less visible that demand more attention: That would be scientists against other scientists, and pseudoscientists who presume expertise without the credentials. Congressman Dana Rohrabacher’s tirades against global warming offer a sterling example. The cartoon “Dilbert” captured this succinctly in the Los Angeles Times.
By STEVE SMITH | February 17, 2007
Had you asked me a week ago what the chances of my voting for Costa Mesa City Councilman Eric Bever for anything ever again, I would have replied something along the lines of "slim to none." But that was then. This is now. Now, I could be tempted to vote for Bever for county supervisor for in the span of one week, Bever is promoting a new set of rules for Costa Mesa buildings that he calls "efficiency incentives." Bever can call it whatever he wants — I'll call it overdue, fabulous and forward-thinking.
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