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By Sarah Peters | October 1, 2011
IRVINE — In one swoop that both generates more than $12 million for the school district and worry among some residents, the City Council cleared the way this week for 48 homes to replace a former elementary school. The resolution to change the zoning designation of the former Alderwood Basics Elementary School site from institutional to residential was approved unanimously by the City Council after a two-hour staff presentation and public hearing. "We believe that the project is very compatible with the surrounding community, and it represents a type of housing that the community told us that they would like to see built on the site," said Ken Coulter, spokesman for William Lyon Homes, the developer of the project.
By Patrice Apodaca | May 4, 2011
I had been planning to write something snarky about the breathless media coverage of Britain's royal wedding, and plea for a return to focusing on the important stories of our time, like Lindsay Lohan's shoplifting trial. I considered the obsession with Prince William's nuptials to be a royal pain, filled with overblown pomp and pomposity, anachronistic traditions, and ridiculous Lady Gaga hats. Why should we — in the land of the self-made — care so deeply about what is largely an antiquated symbolic display of inherited privilege?
By Mike Reicher, | April 21, 2011
John Wayne Airport can now mostly rely on itself for power, after firing up four generators to produce up to 7 megawatts of electricity. Officials on Thursday morning dedicated a $31-million central utility plant at the south end of the airport. It will provide 95% of the airport's energy and a steady stream of cool water for the air-conditioning system. Part of JWA's $540-million expansion and improvement program, officials say the plant was designed to save the airport energy costs in the long-run, and to be self-reliant.
By Britney Barnes, | March 19, 2011
NEWPORT BEACH — Kelsey Woo had no family ties to the military when she first competed a year ago for a national scholarship awarded by the Veterans of Foreign Wars. But today she feels much closer to the nation's men and women in uniform. "I really have a deeper appreciation for all that they've sacrificed," said the 18-year-old Newport Beach resident. Last year, Woo made it to the state finals of the speech writing contest, but fell short of winning the VFW's $30,000 T.C. Selman Memorial Scholarship.
By Kelsey Woo | March 18, 2011
It is hot; obscenely hot. Suddenly, Bruce Springsteen’s voice blasts through the crackling heat, singing “Born in the USA.” It wakes the teenage boy. The first thing he sees when he opens his eyes is a picture of his little sister. For a moment, he is back in Nashville, waking up hungry for one of his mom’s famous Sunday breakfasts. Only something isn’t right. Where are those wonderful smells of coffee brewing and hash browns frying? And why is it still dark outside?
By Sarah Peters, | February 10, 2011
Newport Beach Mayor Mike Henn will speak on the city's current and future priorities at the 30th annual Mayor's Dinner on Friday night. The event at the Newport Beach Marriott Hotel & Spa, organized by Speak Up Newport will again feature Daily Pilot columnist Peter Buffa as the emcee. Henn, who was recently handed the mayor's gavel by Councilman Keith Curry, said he will divide his comments between current and future priorities. However, the overall emphasis will be on the need for "generational planning to benefit all future generations of Newport residents," he said.
By Candice Baker | October 7, 2010
It may be rare, but sometimes landing a great part doesn't depend on who you know. Just ask Christopher Johnstone. Johnstone has performed in operatic works like "The Pirates of Penzance" and "The Rape of Lucretia," as well as being a soloist for the Boston Pops and other orchestral performances. Despite having a background much heavier in operatic and classical vocal performance than musical theater, the baritone ended up with a part in the touring production of the renowned revival of "South Pacific" following a routine open call in New York City.
By Tom Ragan | May 3, 2010
Inside Todd Eversgerd’s seventh-grade world history class at TeWinkle Middle School in Costa Mesa, the meeker, softer spoken students occasionally use microphones to express their ideas. Other times, Eversgerd does all the talking — through a wireless microphone he hangs around his neck. And if that’s not high tech enough, there’s also the “surround sound” system for the super cool presentations — like the recent one given by Claudia Moise on the history of the Aztecs and their human sacrifices to their gods.
By Barry Faulkner | October 30, 2009
NEWPORT BEACH — The very nature of the game calls for push to come to shove in a football season. For Corona del Mar High, the failure to push back appears to have rendered the Sea Kings unworthy of CIF Southern Section playoff contention. CdM, ranked in the Southern Division top 10 all season, and sitting at No. 7 heading into Friday’s Pacific Coast League home game against unranked University at Newport Harbor High, will likely not be among the 16 teams in the division to extend their campaign into the postseason.
October 13, 2009
Whereas Jamshed Dastur (“Time to honor what we fought for,” Mailbag, Sept. 23) castigates demonstrators at town hall meetings and “tea parties,” Jeanne Broadway (“God bless all our patriots who help us,” Mailbag, Sept. 24) lionizes them: “They are members of the Greatest Generation, young people aware of the impending loss of freedoms.” The impender-in-chief, of course, is President Obama and his political agenda. Socialism writ large.
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