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Film Review

April 4, 2000
Rafael Franco Tony Pemberton's "Beyond the Ocean" shows a clever use of color and black-and-white film stocks to create contrast between gritty New York and surreal Russia, but falls short of character development. The film follows the life of Pitsee (played by Darya Volga), a young Russian woman who travels to New York to find her American lover and a place for herself and her unborn child. Her life is chronicled through a series of beautifully shot flashbacks of her childhood life in Russia, intercut with her present life in New York.
April 18, 2002
Jennifer K Mahal If you're looking for a frothy way to spend a few hours, then watching "Grownups" is probably a good idea. Otherwise, relegate this lightweight film about friendship and wife swapping in Freehold, N.J., to late night cable. Doug Finelli's film stars John Stamos and Daniel London as two best friends (Steve and Eric) in their 30s who are bored with their lives. Both are married to beautiful women, both have successful careers; it's just that both are dissatisfied and want that elusive "something more."
April 17, 2002
Don Leach "Runaway" is a telling documentary about the lives of young women who end up in a social services center in Tehran, Iran. The center serves as a temporary safe haven for runaway girls with nowhere to go. The girls arrive here because they have run away from problems at home. Usually, the abuse involves the male side of the family, starting with the father and brothers. But the "mums" can be just as bad. In particular, listen to a girl who openly tells about her mother wanting to set her on fire because the stepfather wants to rape her. You see the frustration and confusion as the girl tells her story.
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