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Evelyn Hart

June 2, 2000
Noaki Schwartz NEWPORT BEACH -- A proposal to double Newport Coast Drive's toll fee to $1 has some city officials fearing that the rate hike could lead to extreme traffic congestion. "I think there will be some riders that will elect not to use Newport Coast Drive because of the increase in the toll," said Councilman Dennis O'Neil. "My main concern is through Corona del Mar, because there's a lot of traffic congestion." Orange County Transportation Corridor Agencies officials claim that this and other toll increases are necessary to pay their investors, who came up with nearly all of the funds to build the roads.
By Brianna Bailey | March 24, 2009
Community organizer Evelyn Hart traded hugs and pats on the back with Newport Beach City Council members as they donned hard hats and shovels Tuesday at a groundbreaking ceremony for a new Oasis Senior Center in Corona del Mar. Construction is slated to begin this month on the new senior center, which is estimated to cost about $16.5 million. “We worked as long and as hard as we could,” said Hart, who helped raise several millions of dollars for the project as president of the group Friends of Oasis.
By Alicia Robinson | September 29, 2007
With a $10 million commitment from Newport Beach, putting together a plan to rebuild the Oasis Senior Center was half the battle for center supporters. The other half will be the additional $10 million the center is expected to cost. The preliminary design for the new center was unveiled this week. New features include an exercise room and health station for blood pressure and other tests, a modern kitchen where Meals on Wheels trays can be assembled for delivery, and a better library.
November 3, 2000
Mathis Winkler NEWPORT BEACH -- When their 87-year-old sister, Angela, died Oct. 22, Bill and Sue Ficker spoke on the phone to console each other. But there was one topic the siblings made sure to avoid -- their differing views on the two growth-control measures the city's voters will decide on Tuesday. "It's just best to allow each of us to go into our direction," said Sue Ficker during a phone conversation Thursday from Palm Springs. An environmental activist who lived in Newport Beach for 40 years and moved to Cambria a few years ago, Sue Ficker supports Measure S. The initiative proposes to put before a citywide vote any development that allows an increase of more than 100 peak-hour car trips or dwelling units, or 40,000 square feet more than the general plan allowance.
October 20, 2002
This fall's election in Newport Beach, like the two prior to it, is being shaped strongly by the forces behind the city's controlled-growth Greenlight law. Just what those forces are is a matter for discussion and, possibly, concern. First off, though, it bears repeating that the philosophy behind Greenlight is a beneficial one to Newport Beach. Controlling growth, limiting traffic, giving the nod to residents over developers and bringing a civil nature to city government are all worthy goals.
May 12, 2001
Mathis Winkler NEWPORT BEACH -- The three kings brought them to the newly born Jesus. Over the centuries, other royals kept up the tradition, even going as far as giving their own children away to form stronger bonds with foreign leaders. But while gifts given by government leaders rarely go to such extremes these days, they still play an important part in strengthening ties. Newport Beach is no exception, and the city's mayors have always handed out presents to visiting dignitaries and while traveling abroad.
October 26, 2003
Lolita Harper The saying goes that behind every strong man there is a strong woman. But what about the women behind the strong city of Newport Beach? In nearly 100 years of incorporation, only six women have been at the helm, but Dora Hill, Doreen Marshall, Jackie Heather, Evelyn Hart, Ruth Ellen Plumber and Jan Debay have left undeniable marks. The Pilot caught up with former mayor Hart about the challenges of leading such a beautiful and affluent community, from a woman's perspective.
October 15, 2006
Former mayor wants to see ethics in City Hall I just wanted to say that I appreciated Tom Johnson's Oct. 6 Fair Game column, "Newport can stop the dirty politics." The one thing that we really must do is get back to some ethics in the city of Newport Beach. That is so important to us, and I just want to say thanks for that column. EVELYN HART Newport Beach EDITOR'S NOTE: Evelyn Hart is a former mayor of Newport Beach. Daigle fought crime, earned a vote I live in Santa Ana Heights, which is in City Council District 4. Leslie Daigle is our councilwoman.
By TONY DODERO | April 10, 2007
Last Friday at lunchtime, I was sitting in a room full of dignitaries at the Balboa Bay Club. Well, dignitaries in the Newport Beach sense. They all had one thing in common. They were all past Citizens of the Year. Former Hoag Hospital chief executive Michael Stephens was there, as was library matriarch and former Councilwoman Lucille Kuehn. City Manager Bob Shelton, fishing magnate Art Gronsky, realtor and activist Dayna Pettit, Ford dealer Bob Robins, Malarkey's owner Bill Hamilton, former mayor and Councilman Dennis O'Neil, and ferry owner Seymour Beek were all in attendance as were several more.
By Jack Wu | March 10, 2012
After almost 20 months writing about Newport Beach politics for the Newport Beach Independent, here I am "gracing" (a term I use liberally) the pages of the infamous Daily Pilot. If you're not familiar with my work, I'm sure you are reading this wondering who I am and why am I here. Fair questions. I grew up in Huntington Beach and went to college at UC Irvine and graduate school at the University of Hawaii. My accounting office is in Costa Mesa, and I live in Newport Beach.
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