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November 10, 2003
ON THE AGENDA Here are some of the items the commission will consider Monday: MOBILE HOME PARK INTERIM ORDINANCE The Planning Commission is set to consider an interim ordinance that would pertain only to the conversion or closure of Snug Harbor and El Nido trailer parks. At the Nov. 3 study session, the option of an agreement between the city and Joe Brown, who owns these two parks, was floated as an alternative to the interim ordinance. The agreement would serve the same purpose as the interim ordinance -- to set a procedure for closing a mobile home park and define what kind of parks Snug Harbor and El Nido are, be it RV parks, trailer parks or mobile home parks.
November 9, 2003
NEWPORT BEACH Senior housing project wins Coastal Commission support The Lower Bayview Landing senior affordable housing project has been approved and is expected to be built by mid-2005. The California Coastal Commission approved the project Wednesday after the city and environmentalists reached a compromise on several environmental issues. A residential drug and alcohol treatment center on Balboa Peninsula has come under fire as neighbors report a number of noise problems at the site.
November 19, 2003
Deirdre Newman City leaders Monday halted the Planning Commission's efforts to craft an interim measure to protect the mobile home owners at El Nido and Snug Harbor trailer parks, which are slated to be closed in June. The City Council unanimously rejected both an interim ordinance and an agreement with one of the parks' owners, Joseph G. Brown, on the grounds that neither could be applied retroactively to Brown's pending application. Instead, the council directed the commission and members of the planning staff to continue working on a comprehensive mobile home park ordinance that would pertain to park conversions and closures.
November 29, 2003
JIM DE BOOM For the second year in a row, I deviate from the traditional Community and Clubs format to present the Turkey Awards for Costa Mesa and Newport Beach. Last year's second runner-up in the Turkey competition, Gray Davis, was recalled earlier this fall as governor of the state of California. First runner-up, Irvine Mayor Larry Agran, continues with the Great Park Hoax, while Turkey of the Year for 2002 Dave Ellis jumped to the Daily Pilot's top 103 list of influential people in the Newport-Mesa communities in position No. 13. For a week now, the nominating committee, consisting of environmentalists, business and community leaders, clergy, elected officials, retirees, and college students, all residents of the Newport-Mesa communities, have been reviewing the pages of the Daily Pilot for 2003 to find people who have had an affect on our communities, to be nominated for Turkeydom.
October 17, 2003
LOLITA HARPER Irene Shannon knows she makes an unforgettable first impression. She extends a frail left hand that shakes just slightly, cocks her head and smiles while cupping her left hand over the top of yours. Her short gray hair bounces slightly as she tries to muster the strength it she once had to give her usual firm handshake. Her grip may have weakened, but her will has only gotten stronger with age. "People look at me and say, 'She is skinny as a rail and has no teeth, but,'" Shannon said.
September 20, 2003
Deirdre Newman Some renters of the Anchor Trailer Park who have received eviction notices are upset because they feel that the owner is kicking them out to make room for mobile home owners who will be displaced when two of his other mobile home parks close. So far, Joe Brown, who also owns Snug Harbor and El Nido trailer parks, has sent eviction notices to six renters. He intends to eventually evict all of the 16 renters whose homes are high-maintenance, consultant Marice White said.
March 17, 2006
Though I think the city of Newport Beach could and should go the extra mile and provide displaced Marinapark residents (particularly elderly and disabled residents) with assistance in locating other suitable housing or parks that have space available, I think the relocation payments offered are reasonable and in line with recent similar situations (for example the closures of the El Nido and Snug Harbor mobile-home parks on Newport Boulevard in Costa Mesa for example.) What the article in the Pilot neglected to mention is that residents apparently want in the neighborhood of $100,000 each, according to other press accounts.
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