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Editor S Note

January 31, 2007
EDITOR'S NOTE: These people have been arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of an intoxicant. As with all suspects, they are considered innocent until proved guilty. COSTA MESA Jan. 23 Roger Jeffry Erickson, 61, Costa Mesa Dan James Richardson, 22, Irvine Sarkis Rushanian, 70, Santa Ana Gregory Roy Hoffman, 54, Costa Mesa Andrew Derek Fowler, 36, Costa Mesa Jan. 24 Wilmer Alexander Cornejo, 40, Costa Mesa Jon Creig Gillern, 48, Costa Mesa Thursday Jacqualine Christine Quijada, 20, Newport Beach Natalie Elizabeth Vechere, 42, Costa Mesa Michael Leroy Picht, 55, Costa Mesa Friday Jeffrey Samuel Perlin, 22, Costa Mesa Mike Dean Meyer, 32, Costa Mesa Phillip John Nolan, 59, Costa Mesa Christina Marie Wirth, 29, Costa Mesa Saturday Tina Marie Montanez, 25, Santa Ana Andrzej Marcin Kalina, 21, Costa Mesa Ernest Michael Valenzuela, 43, San Dimas Alejandro Perez-Palmas, 35, Garden Grove Kevin Ray McCasland, 34, Lake Forest Sunday Jordan Philip Prinzi, 22, Costa Mesa Sean Kent Picquelle, 37, Costa Mesa Ismael Gonzalez, 25, Laguna Hills Monday Richard Leslie Harcourt, 62, Newport Beach NEWPORT BEACH Jan. 24 Sergio Perez, 25, Cypress Edward Michael Tinkle, 59, Studio City Simon Robert Nord, 57, Newport Beach Daniel Ralph Alterio,...
Len Bose | June 24, 2010
Editor's note: Len Bose is an experienced boater, yacht broker and boating columnist. This is his first piece for the Daily Pilot. While cruising the harbor recently, I noticed a change to the public docks on 19th and 15th streets, and at the end of Fernando Street. All of these public docks seem to have expanded and look new. While talking to people on the docks, I heard some good questions. The big news is these new docks will offer a lot more room for people trying to get out to their mooring or to the people who are harbor cruising and want a place to tie up for a short time.
Jamie Rowe | June 6, 2010
EDITOR'S NOTE: Peter Buffa is taking the day off. His column will return next Sunday. Start the car I know a whoopee spot Where the gin is cold But the piano's hot — "Chicago" A h, traveling. Planes, trains, bicycles, taxis, on foot, maybe a horse or two. OK, I'm kidding on the horses. I'll be in Chicago by the time this prints. My roommate Alicia and I are visiting her best friend, Ben, for the weekend. I've never been to Chicago so I'm extra excited to experience a new city, try new food, smell new scents, see new sites.
Joseph N. Bell | June 4, 2010
Editor's note: Due to an editing error, The Bell Curve failed to appear in Thursday's Daily Pilot. It appears in full below. Memorial Day — we called it Decoration Day when I was growing up in Indiana — has come and gone, and seemed more full of urgent memories and intensity this year than ever before. Maybe that's because I feel closer to the Civil War as I grow older. There is an increasing awareness as I distance myself from it that I was only two generations away from the violent remnants of slavery in this country, a sobering thought whenever I allow it in. My grandfather, Robert Patterson, was a colonel in Gen. William Rosecrans' Army of the Cumberland.
May 27, 2010
EDITOR'S NOTE: As of this week, we will be adding Laguna Beach to our rotating reviews. We will also be including a monthly column called All About Food, covering food-related topics. Suggestions are welcome! W e are faithful devotees of Vietnamese food, and we recently became big fans of Phans 55. Tucked away in an apartment complex right off Jamboree Road in Irvine, this is the hippest and most attractive Vietnamese restaurant outside of Vietnam that we've ever come across, and the food is top notch as well.
By John Canalis | March 8, 2010
By Byron de Arakal | July 30, 2008
At some blip in time during 2005 Costa Mesa began spending more cash than it was taking in. It’s been that way ever since. In fact, the city is stuck in the longest period of expenditures outstripping revenues (more than three years now) than at any other time in the last 10 years. And it’s not getting any better. When the numbers for the 2007-08 fiscal year are revealed, expect to see that Costa Mesa again wrote more checks than it received. The economic tea leaves that all hope will show a stabilizing economy to stem the red tide are telling just the opposite.
August 15, 2007
EDITOR'S NOTE : These people have been arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of an intoxicant. They are considered innocent until proved guilty. COSTA MESA Aug. 7 Andrew Michael Perez, 19, Costa Mesa Aug. 8 Darin Daryush Ghaffari, 26, Costa Mesa Shaw Patrick Sullivan, 46, Colorado Springs, Colo. Thursday John Dyllianger Steen, 42, Newport Beach Friday Mario Jimenez Vargas, 22, Costa Mesa Jason Eng Chan, 29, Artesia Emily Elizabeth Lockwood, 27, Yorba Linda Saturday Hector Hernandez, 27, Costa Mesa Tamara Kay Rose, 47, Costa Mesa Juan Elias Chavac, 28, Costa Mesa Roberto Barrientos, 26, Santa Ana Sunday Andrew David Lambert, 23, Huntington Beach Nick Barney Stevens, 36, Costa Mesa NEWPORT BEACH Friday Tyler William Davis, 26, Costa Mesa Christopher Ryan Pike, 23, Costa Mesa Saturday Jami Melissa Crigger, 28, Huntington Beach
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