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April 9, 2004
Uncle Don They stalk the Earth. Their origin is unknown. They have no visible means of support. There is no apparent reason for them to exist. They offer nothing but misery. They infect all they touch and ruin the lives of those they encounter. Eyes are glazed and vacant. They drool and slobber while wandering aimlessly. Enemies of humanity, nothing but gibberish emits from their mouths as they ravage their environment, destroying all in their path.
By Rabbi Marc Gellman and By Rabbi Marc Gellman | February 22, 2013
Q: The term "Mother Nature" is used a lot. We hear about Mother Nature's fury, Mother Nature's wrath or Mother Nature "throwing everything at us. " Isn't God in control of the weather? Where did Mother Nature come from and why the feminine angle? Curious minds want to know! — R., Dix Hills, NY, via my personal e-mail. (Hey, the guy is president of my synagogue!) A: I'm a bit embarrassed to say that all this talk originated with a margarine ad in the in which an actress dressed up as Mother Nature complained that "It's not nice to fool Mother Nature!"
November 11, 2000
Two very glamorous Orange County women, Pat Rypinski and Patricia Ann Marshall, both of Newport Beach, greeted the arriving crush Thursday evening on the patio fronting the new Bridge of Gardens at South Coast Plaza. Some 150 guests converged on the terrace in support of the Candlelight Concert, a major holiday fund-raiser benefiting the Orange County Performing Arts Center and presented by the Center's board of directors. The terrace was transformed from its stark contemporary landscape into a magical European topiary garden replete with living statues.
April 13, 2000
Alex Coolman COSTA MESA -- The boa constrictor was writhing and the crocodile was grumbling, but 9-year-old Clara Ritger was fascinated by a parrot. That's because the snake and the crocodile were mechanical beasts -- part of the elaborate, theme-park decor at the Rainforest Cafe in South Coast Plaza. But the parrot was the genuine article. The bird was brought in for an "Earth Month 2000" event that the restaurant, a worldwide chain, had put together for children such as Clara.
By Dave Brooks | April 26, 2006
Writer Cynthia Walker said she never forgot the reason she took on a difficult project in 1971. "I wanted to start something that I could pass on to my children and to my grandchildren," Cynthia Walker said as she looked at a couple dozen copies of the Barnacle, the former newspaper of Orange Coast College. From 1971 to 1972, Walker was the editor-in-chief of the weekly paper. Each Wednesday, the Barnacle reported on student government and campus life, but on April 21, 1971, she decided to dedicate an entire issue to a new holiday dedicated to celebrating the planet.
By: Rosette Gonzales | August 31, 2005
Visitors to Descanso Gardens can take a break from the heat and still enjoy nature's serene beauty. Boddy House's "World of Color," is a group exhibition of oil paintings, watercolor and ceramics on display through Sept. 22, that offers natures' splendor in a more visitor friendly environment. "As a therapist, I like to infuse my paintings with peace and harmony," said Trish Kertes, a marriage and family therapist whose oil paintings of open landscapes and water scenes help fill the gallery.
By Hannah Fry | April 22, 2014
Lincoln Elementary School students, some dressed head to toe in green, showed off their sustainable lunches to celebrate Earth Day on Tuesday. Parent Cherie Hemphill took note of the students who brought lunches that didn't include any type of waste - paper napkins, packaging, plastic bags or water bottles - for the No Trash Tuesday competition. The classes that garner the most participants receive a green trophy at the end of the week. No Trash Tuesday is something the Corona del Mar school promotes each week.
By Joanna Clay, | September 9, 2010
COSTA MESA — It wasn't until the artist Bigfoot described the mural he's making for Hurley's )( Space Gallery that his pieces revealed new meaning. "There are seven main guys, and they're all emerging from behind trees and stuff," he said. "The tallest character is blocking the road where a truck and a bulldozer are trying to get in. " Is he making an environmental statement? "Maybe," Bigfoot said, laughing it off. The mural, which he was working on during the interview, will debut at the )
April 14, 2001
Danette Goulet NEWPORT BEACH - A is not for Apple. A is for Acid rain. B is for not Boy, but rather Bioremediation. And C is for conservation, according to fifth-grade students at Harbor View Elementary School. The lesson came as three classes in three grade levels taught their peers at Harbor View about Earth Day on Friday morning. Earth Day, celebrated on April 22 in the United States, was first held in 1970. The concept for creating a special day dedicated to teaching people to take care of the earth was developed by former Sen. Gaylord Nelson.
April 6, 2003
Deirdre Newman Eric Halverson found two socks. Rokyt Dulac came across some beer bottles. Others from their Cub Scout troop discovered discarded records and rugs. The enthusiastic Cub Scouts picked up these sundry items at Fairview Park and plopped them into trash bags Saturday morning as part of the first Earth Day in the Park. Earth Day is celebrated around the world as a day to pay tribute to the environment. Fairview Park, more than 100 people showed up to lend helping hands to the clean-up effort and enjoy typical attractions like free train rides from the Orange County Model Engineers.
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