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October 23, 2009
“God is every moment totally aware of each one of us. Totally aware in intense concentration and love.” — Eugenia Price I’d never seen a blinking mark on my computer screen before, but I knew it was a bad sign. I just didn’t know how bad. Ten days ago the hard drive on my computer decided it had been driven hard enough, and it crashed. Since then it has been to different specialists including experts in Northern California, where it still remains.
September 17, 2009
Newport Beach police are asking the public to remain wary of e-mails from overseas that claim you’ve won money. Officials said residents have reported more solicitations online lately for the Nigerian bank schemes, claims people have won a foreign lottery or confusion over online sales. The Nigerian bank scheme simply won’t die. In this scam, the victim will receive an e-mail claiming they’ll get money from a “Nigerian official” if they can only help them free it from the bank.
By Alan Blank | August 10, 2009
An influx of funding in the past few days has helped Costa Mesa’s Someone Cares Soup Kitchen raise thousands of dollars, but the Westside charity is still dangerously close to running out of money, according to Executive Director Shannon Santos. She sent out an e-mail to supporters in the middle of last week and a letter Friday saying the nonprofit had only enough cash in the bank to sustain its operation for about two months. Despite a surge in donations in the days since the pleas went out, that figure has not changed much, but the increased giving has raised the director’s morale.
By Alan Blank | April 20, 2009
Three proposed laws that would restrict parking in Costa Mesa neighborhoods have raised the ire of several residents who think the rules represent a government intrusion into their private-property rights. If the laws pass the City Council tonight, driveway sizes will be limited, the city will strictly regulate how residents can park RVs, boats, equipment haulers and other vehicles on their driveways, and large homes will be required to have extra garage parking spaces. Proponents of the added regulations say they were designed to improve neighborhood aesthetics, free up street parking and cut down on drug and alcohol recovery homes in the city, but some critics feel they go too far. After bringing similar measures to the council in October only to have them sent back, the Planning Commission unanimously agreed upon the present versions of the ordinances.
By Brianna Bailey | February 25, 2009
“Real Housewives of Orange County” star Gretchen Rossi is firing back this week against the organizer of the Miss Newport Beach Pageant, who dropped the reality show celebrity from hosting the event after she claims she was bombarded with negative e-mails and phone calls. Rossi released a letter to pageant organizer Caren Lancona through her publicist Wednesday, claiming Lancona is trying to drum up publicity for her pageant by smearing Rossi. “I am disgusted by the way you choose to handle this situation,” Rossi said in the letter.
By Michael Miller | September 23, 2008
An Estancia High School teacher who went on unexplained administrative leave a week and a half ago, inciting public protests by students who demanded a reason for his absence, returned to his job Monday. Bob Sterling, who teaches the AVID college-preparatory program at Estancia, abruptly went on leave and had his classes taken over by a long-term substitute. District and school officials declined to comment about the issue, calling it a private personnel matter, but Sterling’s students protested outside the school every morning last week, displaying signs demanding his reinstatement.
By Barbara Venezia | August 20, 2008
It never ceases to amaze me what crazy e-mails I’m sent on a daily basis. Sure, I get the annoying amounts of jokes forwarded by friends who have nothing better to do or just learned how to send e-mail. My favorite online retailers e-mail deals I can’t pass up. Foreign royalty in Nigeria need my bank account number to transfer millions of dollars out of the country and cut me in on the action. I learned that the Acai Berry is the “#1 Super Food flushing out up to 20 pounds in two weeks!
By Daniel Tedford | August 13, 2008
A false rumor involving an arrest outside a Newport Beach group rehab home has seeped into the political fodder between City Council candidates for District 7, Councilman Keith Curry and Dolores Otting. A rumor that made the rounds Tuesday morning led people to believe Newport Beach police had arrested several members of a rehab facility at 435 Dahlia Ave., with five or six suspects forced to prostrate themselves on the ground. The rumor claimed these individuals were clients at the rehab home.
By Joseph Serna | August 4, 2008
A Huntington Beach man was sentenced to more than nine months in jail Monday after he pleaded guilty to threatening to kill an Orange County supervisor earlier this year. Steve Van Arroyo, 51, was sentenced to 284 days in jail, three years of formal probation and ordered to complete a mental health program through the courts Monday as part of a plea agreement with prosecutors for threatening to “incinerate” Orange County Supervisor John Moorlach in January. Arroyo, who was convicted of making threatening phone calls in 1999 and was sentenced to three years probation, was ordered into the county’s Whatever It Takes Court, or WIT Court, a voluntary program for nonviolent offenders diagnosed with a chronic, persistent mental illness like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or major depressive disorder.
By Joseph Serna | August 1, 2008
A Corona del Mar private defense attorney was sentenced Friday to more than three months in jail and ordered to participate in a drug treatment program for harassing and stalking his ex-girlfriend. David Scharf, 46, was convicted in April of felony stalking and two misdemeanors of harassing his ex-girlfriend and violating a restraining order when he contacted her mother in October 2004. Scharf, a former Orange County public defender and private defense attorney, was sentenced to 95 days in jail and five years?
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