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Drug Abuse

August 26, 1999
B.W. Cook Deborah Harrington chairs the upcoming 1999 Women of Excellence awards and luncheon in Orange County. On Sept. 15 at the Irvine Marriott Hotel, nine exceptional local women will be praised for their community service. "It is the mission of learning for life to instill values through education that enhances the self-esteem, motivation, and personal responsibility of America's youth." This is the motto for the organization set to honor Newport's Judie Argyos for philanthropy, Lynne Pierson Doti for education, Ruth Ko for arts and entertainment, Pat McCormick for sports, Trina Roberts-Rosen for social services, Haydee Velazquez Tillotson for government and law, Julia Ellen Weaver for business and Betty Teller Werksman for health.
By Patrice Apodaca | October 15, 2011
Several years ago, when my older son was in seventh grade, he casually mentioned that a girl who sat next to him in one of his classes was "always high. " We had spoken previously about drugs. I had warned him before he started middle school that in the years to come drugs and alcohol would be prevalent, and I discussed with him how to respond. But when he made the revelation, I couldn't help thinking, "Already?" I put aside my shock at his disclosure — and the nonchalant way he had announced it — and used the opportunity for a deeper conversation.
By JAMES P. GRAY | May 25, 2008
“One unguarded moment — a lifetime of regret.” How often have you seen or heard about an example of that situation? In the heat of the moment, all of us have done some thoughtless, harmful and even dangerous things. Some of us have been fortunate to have escaped our behavior without many adverse consequences, and others have emerged with only a bit of embarrassment. But all too often many of these spur-of-the-moment explosions have resulted in injuries to others, and the loss of friends, family and jobs.
By Joseph Serna | March 11, 2010
On top of the traditional concerns among parents that their children might abuse alcohol or illegal drugs, police and county health officials are saying prescription drugs are becoming a third avenue of abuse for kids. In a seminar for community parents Tuesday night in Newport Beach, child experts, doctors and police profiled issues facing today’s kids and how parents can protect them. “They need to make sure they keep an eye on their social activities. Know who their friends and parents are,” said Irene Umipig, a health educator with Orange County’s Community Services Program Project PATH.
By Joanna Clay | May 1, 2012
While most parents think to check the liquor cabinet or smell their teen's breath after a party, some are realizing that youths are turning to a much more elusive drug. Without a thought, you see it everyday when you open the medicine cabinet and brush your teeth: prescription drugs. "Behind The Orange Curtain," Brent Huff's first documentary to hit the big screen, examines the abuse of prescription drugs by chronicling the stories of 15 Orange County families, and speaks to addicts and parents.
Joseph N. Bell | June 4, 2010
Editor's note: Due to an editing error, The Bell Curve failed to appear in Thursday's Daily Pilot. It appears in full below. Memorial Day — we called it Decoration Day when I was growing up in Indiana — has come and gone, and seemed more full of urgent memories and intensity this year than ever before. Maybe that's because I feel closer to the Civil War as I grow older. There is an increasing awareness as I distance myself from it that I was only two generations away from the violent remnants of slavery in this country, a sobering thought whenever I allow it in. My grandfather, Robert Patterson, was a colonel in Gen. William Rosecrans' Army of the Cumberland.
August 27, 1999
Lavonne Campbell was a Newport Beach police detective who specialized in juvenile cases and for many years worked as the department's Drug Abuse Resistance Education officer. She was married to former police chief, Arb Campbell. Over a decades-long career, she won dozens of awards and praise for her work with child abuse and sexual assault cases. Under her leadership, the department was recognized for its sensitivity by the Orange County Sexual Assault Network.
January 2, 2008
The Newport-Mesa school board will honor distinguished students at its meeting Tuesday. Costa Mesa High’s Cheer Squad will be recognized, as will the Drug Abuse Resistance Education’s (DARE) five Newport Beach elementary school essay winners. The board is also expected to renew its lease with Coastline Community College’s Presidio location in Costa Mesa for its Regional Occupation Program. The First Student, Inc., bus company will likely be hired for transportation services when the district falls short of either buses or drivers.
June 15, 2001
The Newport Beach Police Department will host a drug awareness class for parents June 28 at the police station, 870 Santa Barbara Drive. The three-hour class, which will begin at 6 p.m., will focus on the symptoms of drug and alcohol use by children and other issues related to the early stages of drug abuse. Instructors will discuss what steps parents can take if they discover their teenage children are using drugs or alcohol. The class also will review motor vehicle laws as they apply to drivers younger than 21. Registration is required as seating is limited to the first 40 people who respond.
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