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By Sue Thoensen | November 4, 2007
It’s purely coincidental, but very appropriate, that the acronym for Ron Salisbury’s restaurant conglomerate, Restaurant Business, Inc. is RBI. That’s a baseball term, as is the Hot Stove League, a series of dinners Salisbury hosts at several of his restaurants during baseball’s offseason. Salisbury is a huge baseball fan, and in a recent radio interview on KLAC-AM, explained what the term refers to and how it ties in to the dinner circuit. “It started as a thought going back to the old Hot Stove League days when there was nothing else to do during the winter.
By Alicia Robinson | October 5, 2007
BALBOA PENINSULA — The best excuse to eat a second sugar-glazed doughnut or down that calorie-laden beer has come to town. Starting Saturday, 10 Newport-Mesa men will compete with 31 other sailors for a single spot on the 2008 U.S. Olympic sailing team. The venue is a 16-race regatta, and the boats are Finn class dinghies — for some, the reason to seriously consider having seconds at dinner. Finns are heavy boats, weighing a minimum of 120 kilograms — that’s about 264 pounds — and if the winds are strong, it takes a large person to control such a craft.
By Kelly Strodl | September 3, 2007
Mike McCardle sanded down the edge of an unfinished skateboard deck, taking a break every so often to push the sandy blond curls out of his face without getting too much sawdust on the rest of him. This would not be the first board that Mike, 9, of Costa Mesa, ever owned, but his dad Russell McCardle, was sure it would be the one he will care for the most. “Kids take things like this for granted,” McCardle said. “Skateboards don’t just happen. I think once he’s on it he will have much more appreciation for it.” It seemed dad was correct, from the determination in Mike’s face as he smoothed out the rail lines of his soon-to-be new board.
By MIKE WHITEHEAD | November 24, 2006
Ahoy. The day after Thanksgiving is known as one of the biggest shopping days of year. But I think it really signals the start for all boaters to decorate their vessels for the rapidly approaching Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade. The parade is recognized as one of the top-10 holiday season events in the nation, and our local parade should be on your calendar to visit at least one of the five nights. The Commodores Club of the Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce is responsible year after year to organize this huge event and to make sure that the parade sails for the five nights from Dec. 13-17.
By MIKE WHITEHEAD | June 23, 2006
Ahoy. They're back, and I am not talking about the mother ship from the planet Mars. I am referring to the harbor's sea lions that are calling various boats and docks their home. This topic is generating so much attention that it was recently aired on KCET-TV's "Life and Times" show by veteran TV journalist Roger Cooper. The biggest challenge is keeping the mammals from damaging boats and docks when the hundreds of pounds of blubber flop on deck. The sea lions will break stanchions and lifelines, crack fiberglass decks, defecate and regurgitate on the decks, and they leave an oily brown stain that is almost impossible to clean off any surface.
April 2, 2006
For the past year I worked on a photo essay of the Balboa Island Auto Ferry. The ferry is unique in the respect that there is no other town in Southern California that has one. To show how many different people use the ferry, I rode aboard back and forth numerous times at the break of dawn, during the late- night shift, and on crowded holiday weekends. Spending time on the ferry, and getting to know some of the employees and passengers, was an eye-opening and rewarding experience.
By By Alicia Robinson | December 14, 2005
On eve of the boat parade, officials give decorating awards to homes ringing the harbor.While Newport Beach's Christmas Boat Parade is just beginning, those who decorated their homes and businesses for the accompanying Ring of Lights competition can sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labors -- which in some cases are awards from event organizers. It took an untold number of lights to festoon homes and businesses that ring the bay, and a panel from the Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce and its Commodores Club spent about five hours on a boat to judge the entries.
By: Elia Powers | August 1, 2005
On busy days, many who maneuver the narrow corridors of Newport Beach City Hall proceed with tunnel vision. Painter Marilou Hogeboom would like city officials to stop and notice their surroundings. The longtime Newport Beach resident has more than 30 paintings from her personal collection on display at City Hall through Sept. 1. Her pieces line the otherwise bare white walls of the main building, infusing a noticeable vibrancy into adjoining rooms.
February 24, 2005
Glenn Deck, Pelican Hill Golf Club's director of instruction, was once again selected to Golf Magazine's biennial list of the Top 100 Teachers. Every other year, magazine staff starts from scratch to determine its list. Deck works with students in developing sound fundamentals and incorporates proper sequence of motion to get the club on path for consistent shot making at the 36-hole Newport Coast club. His goal is to develop an individual swing for each golfer.
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