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By Hannah Fry | April 18, 2014
It appeared to be a typical Thursday for Theresa Byrne. The Costa Mesa resident's days hadn't varied significantly in the nearly six months since her husband was deployed by the Air Force to Central Asia. That was about to change. With an anxious expression, Zachary Byrne straightened his camouflage cap, fitting it perfectly over his buz cut. He held his young son close to his chest as he swung open the door of the Killybrooke Elementary School office. Stepping out into the afternoon sunlight, he moved slowly with a nervous smile, eyes fixed on Theresa, her long, dark hair hanging over her blue polo shirt as she chatted with a fellow employee while watching a group of elementary students play on the nearby blacktop.
By Hannah Fry | April 17, 2014
When asked to name their favorite teacher, many students have a clear choice. However, those teachers are rarely, if ever, recognized. The Costa Mesa Library Foundation set out to change that this year with its first favorite teacher contest. TeWinkle Middle School teachers Denise McKenzie, Rebecca Millam and Misty Smith and College Park kindergarten teacher Cindy Fernald were each nominated by current and former students as contest finalists. More than 200 students, some of whom had parents's help, submitted nominations for teachers in the Costa Mesa area.
April 16, 2014
A firefighter was injured battling an Eastside Costa Mesa house fire on Wednesday morning, officials said. About 30 Costa Mesa firefighters responded to reports of a house belching out smoke on Sherwood Street, off Santa Ana Avenue. When the first crews arrived, they ran hoses to the front and back of the two-story house and began looking for two elderly residents, Deputy Chief Fred Seguin said. Firefighters, however, weren't able to get more than 10 feet inside because of the dense smoke.
By Matt Szabo | April 15, 2014
As the younger sister of Tyler Rios, the 2013 Newport-Mesa Baseball Player of the Year, Felicia Rios feels a bit of pressure. And, as a sophomore in an Estancia High softball infield that otherwise has nothing but seniors, Felicia Rios feels the need to rise to the occasion. "It's tough trying to keep up with them," said Rios, the shortstop. "Yeah, it's tough having to prove myself and show what I got. It's fun, though. " Rios said that she struggled with her hitting at times in the Eagles' preseason.
By Bradley Zint | April 11, 2014
Integrity is essential to public service and is something achieved over a long period of time, a Costa Mesa City Council candidate stressed during a conservative candidates forum Thursday evening. "I believe that the old man who's running for City Council can lend his experience and work with people," said Lee Ramos, a Costa Mesa resident since 1947 who serves on the Charter and Fairview Park committees. Ramos, 70, was one of three invited candidates from Costa Mesa and Newport Beach who spoke at the Newport-Mesa Tea Party event.
By Bradley Zint | April 8, 2014
It's known among government types as the Santa Ana/Colleen Island, but to most passersby, it looks like another one of the tidy and tony neighborhoods scattered about Costa Mesa's Eastside or Newport Beach's Back Bay. But technically speaking, it's neither. The nearly 14-acre parcel - composed of 51 single-family homes and about 150 residents, most on Colleen Place and Vista Baya - is an unincorporated parcel of Orange County bordered by Costa Mesa and Newport. Though for most practical purposes, it's Costa Mesa.
By Lisa Boone, Los Angeles Times | April 5, 2014
On a recent weekday afternoon, the South Coast Collection in Costa Mesa is inhabited by an eclectic crowd - young hipsters sipping lattes at Portola Coffee Lab, professionals in business suits nibbling on carnitas de pato at Taco Maria, moms pushing strollers, and employees from nearby businesses simply enjoying the open-air courtyards. Designers can be spotted in the design showrooms too, as they stop to eye the furnishings on display in the more than 20 stores specializing in home design.
By Michael Miller | April 3, 2014
It's a bit of technology whose name might elicit a puzzled look from millennials, and it sounded - scratchily - over the phone from Diana Krall's apartment. Those familiar with the history of vinyl will know that 78 rpm records, or 78s, enjoyed a heyday from the late 19th century to about the mid-20th. While independent music stores and knickknack shops often sport worn bins of long-play records, it's decidedly rarer to spot a collection of the brittle discs that once preserved the voices of Bing Crosby and Al Jolson.
By Bradley Zint | April 3, 2014
After a 20-year absence from the dais, former Costa Mesa City Councilman Jay Humphrey announced Thursday that he will be running for council this November. Humphrey, 66, served one term, from 1990 to 1994, though he has remained active in the political scene in a variety of capacities. In addition to regularly attending public meetings, Humphrey served on the senior center's board of directors and is treasurer of Costa Mesans for Responsible Government, a nonpartisan, grass-roots activist group.
By Bradley Zint | April 2, 2014
Citing dissatisfaction with City Hall decisions, a longtime Costa Mesa youth sports advocate confirmed Wednesday that he has resigned from his sports leadership positions. Gordon Bowley had been serving as president of Costa Mesa United and as chairman of the Costa Mesa Youth Sports Council. His resignations were effective March 18. Bowley, a Costa Mesa resident since 1968 and former coach for youth baseball and soccer, was Costa Mesa United's president for the last seven years.
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