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October 9, 2003
Deirdre Newman Five industrial property owners in an area of the Westside that the city is considering adding to the downtown redevelopment zone violated air quality rules within a one-year period ending in May. From July 2002 to May 2003, a total of nine companies within the area received Notices of Violation that could have penalties of up to $50,000 per day. The five industrial properties are Pinecraft Custom ...
By Brianna Bailey | November 24, 2007
The Newport Beach City Council will meet privately with attorneys Tuesday to decide whether the city should sue online travel-booking companies to recover allegedly bilked tax money. The city may join a Los Angeles officials’ suit that accuses more than a dozen companies, including Travelocity and Expedia, of charging exorbitant rates for bookings and pocketing the extra money. Guests who book hotel rooms online pay local transient occupancy taxes based on an inflated price, but the tax that cities and hotels receive is based on a lower rate, according to information from the League of California Cities.
By Joseph Serna | December 7, 2009
A Newport Beach man could be sentenced up to 63 months in federal prison, depending on his criminal past and if he accepts his responsibility for defrauding two companies out of nearly $3 million, federal court records show. Mitchell Keith Kleinman, 45, pleaded guilty in the U.S. District Court’s Charlotte division in North Carolina last month to conspiracy and money laundering for his part in a scheme to overbill Georgia Pacific, a manufacturing company out of Atlanta, and Hickory Springs Manufacturing Co. out of North Carolina.
September 1, 2008
A Newport Beach company focused on installing interlocking paving stones was named to Inc. Magazine’s Inc. 5,000 list as one of the fastest growing U.S. companies. System Pavers, formerly System Paving Inc., was ranked 2,775 as one of the fastest growing private companies in America for 2008. This is the company’s second consecutive year on the list. The company was ranked based on its growth between 2004 and 2007. The company reported at the end of 2007 that it earned $76.9 million.
July 15, 2009
Two companies with offices in Newport Beach purporting themselves to be loan modification services are facing legal action from the office of the attorney general as part of a crackdown on mortgage relief scams. The Federal Trade Commission is targeting 178 companies nationwide and 14 in California including Home Relief Services LLC and RMR Group Loss Mitigation LLC, who both have offices in Newport Beach and have allegedly swindled thousands of homeowners seeking mortgage relief out of thousands of dollars each.
January 16, 2004
Marisa O'Neil Some graduate students could soon be reaping the benefits of the stock market without risking their own tuition money. Students in the graduate school of management's class of 2005 can enter a contest to invest $300,000 of UCI trustee Chuck Martin's money for one year. Martin, also a Laguna Beach venture capitalist, will split the gains down the middle with them if they do well. If the students' stocks tank, however, they only lose their $200 entry fee. "It's a great way to understand companies," Martin said.
October 26, 2002
THE ENERGY CRISIS: "If these companies want to do business in California, we need to make sure they give us back the millions of dollars they stole from us. In the future, we need to get tougher with these companies and not let them play games with us." LOCAL GOVERNMENT: "The state shouldn't be butting in when it's a local issue. When there is a concern about public health or safety, there is a reason for the state to come into the picture.
From the Los Angeles Times | April 13, 2013
Utah Gov. Gary Herbert and Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell were in California this week on a whirlwind tour to woo Golden State businesses to expand or relocate to their states. At the Westin South Coast Plaza hotel in Costa Mesa on Thursday, both state leaders took a breather to talk to The Times about why they were chatting with companies in Costa Mesa, Palo Alto and San Francisco. The governors, who cooked up this joint tour after discussing their mutual interest in job creation, took a much more amicable tack than Texas Gov. Rick Perry . Perry's swing through California in February was punctuated by radio ads that declared, "Building a business in California is next to impossible.
November 9, 2004
Deirdre Newman Cingular and Sprint will be back in the council chambers tonight with revised plans for mounting cellphone antennas in West Newport. Both companies have been thwarted from their effort to mount their antennas on light poles along Superior Avenue mainly because of neighbors who don't want their views blocked. After the council sent the companies back to the drawing board, both decided they can achieve the coverage they need by mounting their antennas on 32-foot light poles.
James P. Gray | July 1, 2011
The fledgling program TAP America is trying to strengthen the U.S. economy by encouraging people to buy more American products as a matter of patriotism; however, like so many other political proposals, it sounds like a nice idea, but it won't work. Just like Communism's mantra of "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs" sounded good to many people, it simply will not work. A more apt slogan is, "You can't fool Mother Nature. " Why? Because the "invisible hand" of economics is always present.
April 29, 2014
It took firefighters about an hour to douse a fire at a Costa Mesa office building that sent flames 20 to 30 feet into the air and a plume of black smoke over the 405 Freeway late Tuesday afternoon. The blaze started in the loading dock of a pharmaceutical company on Sunflower Avenue near where the street ends at the Santa Ana River channel, Costa Mesa Fire Department Battalion Chief Kevin Diamond said. At least 30 firefighters responded from crews across Orange County, including the Orange County Fire Authority and Fountain Valley, Huntington Beach and Newport Beach fire departments.
By Hannah Fry | April 25, 2014
A Newport Beach company is suing Katrina Foley, a Newport-Mesa Unified School District board trustee, claiming she pursued a lawsuit without proper evidence in a case related solely to her capacity as an employment attorney. Monex Deposit Co. filed suit in April 2013 against Foley and her former client Terry Parsons, who initially sued the investment firm for allegedly firing him without cause, according to documents filed with the Orange County Superior Court. The court ruled in Monex's favor.
By Jeremiah Dobruck | April 23, 2014
A Newport Beach-based chain of rehabilitation centers that had been under fire from state regulators for years has agreed to pay a $75,000 settlement and limit its control over residents in its sober-living homes. Until Tuesday, Morningside Recovery had been battling the state in court over allegations that it was running unlicensed residential addiction treatment centers in Orange County. The California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs argued that Morningside essentially combined its seven sober-living homes in Newport Beach and Costa Mesa with three licensed rehab homes and an outpatient treatment center in Costa Mesa to skirt licensing requirements.
By Rhea Mahbubani | February 12, 2014
"I Love Newport Beach" was intended as an experiment. The Facebook page so named, which was unveiled in September 2011, was meant to be Newport Beach resident Tony Shaw's social media training. "I wanted to practice on something that nobody would see so I wouldn't embarrass myself in front of people I know," remarked the owner of Seaside Realty and Financial Services, who ultimately wanted to increase his business' online presence. But his plan for a dry run went awry with the site's unexpected popularity.
By Candice Baker | January 13, 2014
A new arrival at Fashion Island is bringing a world of visuals to Newport Beach and allowing professional photographers to introduce their work to new audiences. Sleek French art photography gallery YellowKorner offers limited-edition prints from photographers around the world, with a goal of democratizing art photography. Each high-quality print is numbered and supplied with a certificate of authenticity. "After analyzing different options, Fashion Island seemed to be a perfect fit," YellowKorner gallery owner Melissa Geens said.
By Emily Foxhall | December 19, 2013
When Marina Park residents vacated their mobile homes to make way for a new public park, the fate of the structures fell to a demolition company. The crews, who had assumed responsibility for them from the city, planned to raze the Balboa Peninsula site. But in a twilight-hour negotiation, two Orange County companies purchased many of the mobile homes from the demolition company and intend to move them to other parks. The slight change in plans may create some savings for the city.
December 10, 2013
Morningside Recovery's chief executive, who represented the sober-living home provider in court through years of legal battles with Newport Beach, has resigned. Mary Helen Beatificato, who served as Morningside's legal counsel for the past five years, said she stepped down Nov. 19 after disagreements with Morningside President Raymond Jeffrey Yates. She declined to give specifics. Beatificato was representing Morningside when an Aug. 19 ruling that the company was violating Newport's municipal code by operating in neighborhoods came down.
By Rhea Mahbubani | November 26, 2013
Sandra Everett remembers the first time it happened. She was 13. While seated in a class - although she can't recall which one - she experienced irritation on her scalp. While attempting to stay attentive, she reached up to massage her head. But one yank and out came a clump of dark hair. And so it began. Today, 15 years later, Everett suffers from full-blown Trichotillomania, the compulsion to pull on hair, sometimes on places other than the head, until the strands break. The urge didn't decrease even as her tresses began to thin.
By Emily Foxhall and Jill Cowan and By Emily Foxhall and Jill Cowan | November 6, 2013
A family member on Wednesday described the man who authorities said jumped from a helicopter mid-flight as a smart and very private person who suffered from health problems near the end of his life. Officials have said they are treating the Tuesday death of Gregory McFadden, 61, as a suicide. McFadden suffered for many years from a medical problem that made it hard for him to sleep well or eat properly, said one of McFadden's three brothers, Bradley, a West Covina lawyer and the city's former mayor with whom he lived for five years.
By Emily Foxhall | November 2, 2013
City staff members plan to recommend that the Newport Beach council agree to outsource trash services to the company that submitted the lowest bid for the work. Staff will present to council members an agreement negotiated with CR&R waste services, whose original proposal would have saved the city an estimated $17 million over seven years, according to an independent assessment. An 85-page draft of the agreement has been posted on the city's website for review, more than two weeks in advance of the council's next meeting.
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