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Clean Energy

By B.W. COOK | February 27, 2009
Karen and Andrew Littlefair aren and Andrew Littlefair opened their elegant Lido Isle villa to host a recent “thank you” reception honoring the women and men who supported the Lido Isle Women’s Charitable Foundation holiday fundraiser. Andrew Littlefair is a national figure working in association with T. Boone Pickens promoting the use of natural gas as both an economic and environmental solution to America’s energy crisis. Littlefair’s business association with an entity known as Clean Energy has been at the forefront in the news.
By Daniel Tedford | August 13, 2008
Steve Young, Democratic congressional candidate against Rep. John Campbell, recently decided he was not going to attend a national civil forum between presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama and presumptive Republican nominee John McCain at Saddleback Church moderated by the church’s pastor Rick Warren. Young claims that the church is charging a large amount of money for tickets to the event, which is essential fundraising for the church. For Young, this is a violation of church and state.
November 22, 2008
Every time Steve Rosansky received a negative flier, he got publicity from the Daily Pilot. Poor Steve and those untrue fliers. I drove by Steve’s house to check for myself. I saw that house, and it looked like that photo in the flier. It is a disgrace to his community. Steve, is this what you call being a good neighbor? He should quit whining and clean it up! Shame on Rosansky for not following the law. He is unethical, and not a role model for Newport Beach citizens.
By Wheelbase Communications | February 13, 2008
BMW says hydrogen vehicles might still be 30 years away; electric power being considered as a stop-gap: The Sleuth hears that while German automaker BMW is heavily investing in hydrogen technology as a means of reducing or eliminating tailpipe emissions, Jochen Schmalholz, head of BMW’s clean-energy technology, has said that BMW is considering electric vehicles to fill the 15-to-20-year void before hydrogen vehicles will actually be practical....
By Len Bose | May 2, 2013
This last week, I was able to catch up with Billy Dutton of Riding Currents, a group dedicated to promoting renewable energy, raising awareness about plastics in the ocean and recognizing the advancement of renewable energy and its application to watercraft. To achieve this goal, Billy and Mark Ward founded the group Riding Currents, then selected the Duffy 22 electric boat as their vessel. SunPower provided the power with solar panels and Trojan batteries (T-145s) were used to store that energy.
By Patrice Apodaca | February 9, 2013
Should our schools teach students the fundamentals of education - how to read and write, and to understand math and science concepts and the importance of history? Or should they nurture the workers of the future, focusing on the knowledge and skills our kids will need to compete in the worldwide marketplace? The answer, of course, is that in a perfect world, schools would pursue both goals. But our world is far from perfect, and finding the proper balance between what we consider more highbrow academic pursuits and the practicality of future career needs is a difficult task.
November 1, 2012
Yes on Measure V Measure V doesn't change current practices. It preserves nearly 60 years of Costa Mesa city laws and policies. State conflict-of-interest and political contribution laws would still apply. Current bidding practices would continue, ensuring that the city saves money through competitive bidding. Measure V removes the city from local politics. It requires Costa Mesa to stop collecting via its payroll system public union political dues. Public unions wanting to use their dues for political purposes will have to collect these amounts themselves, as they should.
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