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By Steve Smith | July 13, 2009
One budget idea offered in this space last week was to take the $39,000 Costa Mesa will gain from granting a permit to a Santa Ana-based basketball league to play their games in the downtown gym for six months on Sundays and use the money to restore the Westside youth programs cut by Mayor Allan Mansoor and Councilmen Gary Monahan and Eric Bever. The idea was also mentioned at the City Council meeting last week. The permit had recently been approved by a unanimous vote by the Parks and Recreation Commission, and everything looked good.
October 11, 2008
Fess up, Time Warner. Or pony up the refunds. A bit of background: Costa Mesa residents are experiencing more than a little difficulty with their television screens, and at some inopportune times, such as during sporting events. Consider: It was the heart of the Angel’s final playoff game. Thousands of fans were glued to their television screens, watching every pitch of an epic matchup, when the images and voices suddenly began to scramble, becoming more and more intermittent by the minute until it was impossible to see what was going on. The much maligned Time Warner Cable customer service department was flooded with angry phone calls, but a message told customers that their calls were futile because the company has no control over the problem.
By Joseph Serna | November 13, 2009
ORANGE — The scene Thursday night at the Sheriff’s Department training facility resembled the calm before the storm. Illuminated by flood lights from the command post, more than a hundred officers, investigators and probation officers sipped coffee, ate danishes and told jokes in the parking lot. They were moments from fanning out for their night’s mission: Round up all juveniles found loitering in the streets after curfew, bring...
October 16, 2008
I am very disappointed to see the untruths being leveled at Councilmen Steve Rosansky and Keith Curry. Our current City Council has been the most effective council we have had in years. Its members have fought long and hard to protect property values in limiting neighborhood drug rehab centers. They have worked diligently to ensure that we will have a new and much-needed Oasis center. Lastly, if only the state and federal budgets were in the same shape as our city’s, we would be better for it, and again the credit goes to the entire council.
By Alan Blank | August 7, 2009
When Dr. Burns R. Eastman built his house on Balboa Island at 206 Coral St. in 1928, the island was mostly unoccupied sand. And as the island’s first doctor, who came down from Pasadena in the summers to take care of injured surfers, he got some special privileges. His office, for instance, was attached to the fire station on the main drag, and he had it written into the city’s laws that he and his family (listed by name) were allowed to park out front, according to his grandchildren.
February 17, 2010
Some might say that the New Orleans Saints football team has long been the sporting soul of a city that has suffered so much. On Sunday, less than five years after Hurricane Katrina battered New Orleans — and considering that the Saints nearly moved out of town permanently not long after Katrina — the franchise won its first Super Bowl. Many people in New Orleans, which is still recovering from Katrina, compared the team’s championship game victory to a miracle and a sign of the city’s resurrection.
August 10, 2006
Costa Mesa City Championships   Championship flight (36-hole gross) Joey Benedetti, 63-70?133; 2. Scott Travers, 71-68?139; 3. (tie) Amit Chopra, 66-74?140, Adam Marshall, 67-73?140, Robert Mink Jr., 69-71?140, Sean Shahi, 71-69?140; 7. (tie) Mike Fox, 68-73?141, Andre Komor, 72-69?142; 9. (tie) Doug Martinez, 70-72?142, Jeff Thomas, 71-71?142; 11. (tie) Andy Horner, 68-75?143, Hollis Kelley, 67-76?143, David Lewinski, 70-73?143, Mitchell McCarthy, 68-75?
By Mona Shadia | February 19, 2010
Costa Mesa Councilwoman Wendy Leece got what she wanted Friday morning, when workers installed the “In God We Trust” slogan in the Council Chamber at City Hall. The sign’s installation was stalled two weeks in a row – once because the sign-maker drilled an extra hole into it, and another time because the letters forming the slogan weren’t up to standard. The sign is now affixed to a chamber wall right beneath the city’s seal. “We could’ve done it earlier, but we wanted to make it just right, so they went back and re-posted the lettering to ensure that it would look perfect, and now it’s perfect,” said Tom Hatch, the assistant city manager.
By Steve Smith | June 21, 2011
One of the more dismaying elements of the loud, ugly feud between Costa Mesa's City Council majority and the city's public employee unions is the failure of either side to recognize that many other cities are also having trouble making ends meet. By acknowledging that fact, both sides will valuably reduce the need to experiment with ways to remain solvent, while maintaining current levels of safety, sanitation and maintenance. To find the best solutions for Costa Mesa, in other words, both sides should look at what other cities have done.
By Steve Smith | May 25, 2010
C osta Mesans are so easy. As a politician in the city, all you have to do to draw attention away from a massive budget deficit is wave your illegal immigration saber. The deficit news is bad. On May 12, the Daily Pilot reported that, "The city has heavily dipped into its reserves, using $35 million the past three years, and will for the first time experience a $2-million decrease in property tax revenues." The next round of budget cuts could include 30 full- and part-time police positions.
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