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By Mona Shadia, | September 23, 2010
COSTA MESA — In an effort to help close the budget deficit, City Hall executives are considering whether to pay for a portion of their medical premiums next year. Costa Mesa covers the medical premiums for its five City Council members and 21 executives, including the city manager, assistant city manager, department heads and division managers. That adds up to about $39,000, or $1,500 a month, for each executive and elected official. With medical costs going up, the city will start contributing an additional $119 each month for each of the 26 in January, said Steve Mandoki, the city's administrative services director, who is having discussions with the executives and all city employees on behalf of the city.
By Joseph Serna, | July 22, 2011
COSTA MESA — After hours of discussion on outsourcing the city's Fire Department and with Tuesday's City Council meeting crawling into its fifth hour, the long night began to wear on council members. It started when Mayor Gary Monahan interrupted Councilwoman Wendy Leece's request that Chief Executive Tom Hatch list the scope of his job duties because Leece called Hatch the "city manager. " "Member Leece, I hate to be petty, but his title is the CEO, not the city manager," Monahan said.
September 20, 2008
Nice of you to give Flat Earth Society member Chuck Cassity space to vent on cap-and-trade scams, but he didn?t do his homework. Pollution credits have been traded nationally on the Chicago Board of Trade since the 1990s, made possible by the tree huggers who wanted to use market mechanisms rather than punitive fines to help solve environmental problems (1990 amendment to 1977 Clean Air Act). Many credit the system for major progress in solving the acid rain problem. The idea is to make it expensive to pollute so there is an economic incentive to behave responsibly.
July 27, 2006
It's become painfully obvious to me that not all our Costa Mesa City Council members understand the basics of governance. It appears a few aren't aware of how the process is designed to work and supposed to work. Very simply, our City Council members are elected by the community to provide guidance and direction to the people who manage our fair city. The real work is performed by the staff members who serve the council, as well as the city manager and city attorney and police chief and other appointed officials.
By: | October 4, 2005
o7Here are some items the council will consider Tuesday. f7 CABLE TRANSFER The council will decide whether to allow a transfer of a cable TV franchise license from Adelphia, which has filed for bankruptcy, to Time Warner. Cable customers in the city get service from either Adelphia or Comcast. If the license transfer is approved, former Adelphia customers will be served by Time Warner, but the rates they are charged won't change. WHAT TO EXPECT The council is likely to allow the transfer.
By Mike Reicher | July 12, 2012
Newport Beach voters will have the option in November to ban red-light cameras from the city. The City Council voted Tuesday to include a red-light camera prohibition in the list of charter amendments that will come before the electorate this fall. The city has no red-light cameras now. Other cities have banned them amid complaints that they were merely a way to boost city revenue. The vote was the culmination of a months-long charter update process, where a committee sifted through about 40 sections of the city's constitution and recommended changes to the council.
By Ken Kvammen | September 14, 2013
Re. Commentary: " Outsourcing trash collection would save $17M," (Sept. 8): A huge, lengthy commentary in the Pilot's Sunday Forum by our Newport Beach mayor and a councilman touted outsourcing trash pickup. In previous editions, and in letters to citizens, our city manager has also joined the chorus. However in their plethora of happy "facts," many of which are unsupported, they neglect the significant downsides. A loss they ignore is the universal satisfaction of existing customers with the outstanding service now rendered by city employees with their always dependable, on-time, clean and no-hassle work.
By Emily Foxhall and This post has been corrected, as noted below. | October 7, 2013
The Newport Beach City Council will respond Tuesday night to one of two letters alleging violations of California's open-meetings law. In an email Sept. 17, Newport Beach resident Jim Mosher sent two "cease and desist" letters accusing the city of violating the state law, known as the Ralph M. Brown Act, in several instances related to the city's Sept. 10 decision to pursue a contract with a private company to outsource trash collection. City staff said they believed Mosher's allegations to be "largely without merit," according to the staff report, but they recommended that the council address one accusation in one of the letters to prevent litigation.
April 6, 2007
Here are a few items the council considered Tuesday. PARKING RESTRICTIONS The council voted to restrict parking on Damascus Circle and Venetian Drive to residents only. A city survey showed that about 67% cars on the streets belonged to people who don't live on those streets. The council disappointed residents of Cannonade Circle, which branches off Venetian Drive, because it was not included in the parking restriction. City officials said Cannonade didn't meet the standard for resident-only parking, but the transportation service manager can extend the restriction to that street if parking problems worsen.
June 7, 2001
Costa Mesa will hold two workshops for community members to learn about the city's budget. The preliminary budget is the only issue on the agenda for the City Council study session at 4:30 p.m. Monday in the Costa Mesa Police Department auditorium. The study session will include a presentation about the preliminary budget and will provide a chance for the City Council members to ask questions. The Police Department is at 99 Fair Drive. A second workshop, scheduled at 6 p.m. Wednesday at City Hall, has also been set up and will include the city manager and Finance Department representatives, who will answer questions from community members.
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