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Christmas Tree

December 9, 2004
KAREN WIGHT The vision goes something like this: Your family bundles up on a chilly winter evening in their beautifully coordinated outerwear. You drive to the Christmas tree farm in a sparkling-clean SUV. You arrive at your destination and miraculously find the perfect tree within minutes. All members of the family agree upon the tree. The tree is the beginning of a magical season, and this particular tree is the catalyst to fulfill all their expectations for the upcoming holidays.
By Joseph Serna | November 4, 2011
NEWPORT BEACH - Standing in the rain with his arms crossed against his chest and face hidden under his jacket's hood, Bernard Hamilton stared with rapt attention as contractors at Fashion Island lowered this year's Christmas tree into place. "It's an amazing thing for the local people here," Hamilton, an employee at the concierge desk, said without breaking his concentration on the massive white fir. "It brings something great for the community. " Any other year, there would be plenty of people standing with Hamilton early Friday to watch crews in hard hats work with a crane operator to gently lift, swing and drop the 90-foot tree into place.
By Jill Cowan | October 15, 2012
The space shuttle Endeavour wasn't the only massive object traversing Southland streets this weekend. South Coast Plaza's 96-foot Christmas tree finished its own arduous trek Monday morning, about 650 miles from near Mt. Shasta in Northern California to arrive at Town Center Park, across the street from the mall. The white fir - which rolled into town on the largest trailer allowed on the road - will be prepped in the coming weeks with about 20,000 multicolored lights for the Plaza's 31st annual tree-lighting ceremony Nov. 15. The ceremony always falls on the Thursday before Thanksgiving, which this year required such an early installation date, South Coast Plaza publicist Lee Healy said.
November 1, 1999
Susan McCormack Move over Rockefeller Center. Fashion Island is gearing up for the nation's tallest Christmas tree to arrive in Newport Beach Tuesday morning. A 110-foot white fir will make its entrance at the shopping center's Bloomingdale's courtyard at about 6 a.m., when a 140-foot flatbed truck arrives from a trip originating at Mt. Shasta, said Fashion Island spokeswoman Nina Robinson, who added that the famous tree in Rockefeller Center is expected to be only 90 feet tall and the National Tree in Washington, D.C., a mere 78. The Christmas tree hoisting and decorating are an annual event at Fashion Island, said Robinson.
December 30, 2007
Nothing says Happy New Year like a dead fir tree lying by the trash cans with a few strands of silver tinsel clinging to its thinning bough. But now that your Christmas tree has served its purpose, don’t just kick it to the curb to be hauled away to the dump. Recycle it! The City of Newport Beach makes it easy for you with its annual curbside Christmas tree recycling program, which begins Wednesday and runs through Jan. 11. Real Christmas trees were in this year, because, some say, they’re more eco-conscious than fake ones.
By Amanda Pennington | December 17, 2006
Newport Beach resident Nick Cattaneo is always antsy around Thanksgiving because he knows that means Christmas is right around the corner. But not only because he enjoys the holidays, but also because he loves working at his seasonal job. For the past 14 years, Cattaneo has worked at Jamboree Trees, an independently owned and operated Christmas tree lot that pops up in Newport Beach every year. "I bought my first Christmas tree as a married man here," Cattaneo said. But a drive around Newport-Mesa shows that seasonal Christmas tree lots, which employ many others like Cattaneo for a short time, are thinning out. The reasons mimic those that are given to explain the demise of many small businesses in the face of large corporations offering bulk prices and large stores — it's tough to compete with the likes of Home Depot and Target.
By Britney Barnes | November 21, 2012
Community members can spread holiday cheer through a Westside Costa Mesa nonprofit that has served underprivileged teens for the last 20 years by helping them decorate a virtual Christmas tree. Save Our Youth, or SOY, is asking the community to help decorate its first virtual tree by donating $20 to $5,000 for virtual ornaments, lights and presents to help support its programs that assist students in going to college, keeping them out of trouble and raising their self esteem. The tree can be seen on the nonprofit's home page at . "We are just hoping to be able to keep our programs alive through the school year," said Mary Cappellini, a member of the nonprofit's board.
January 6, 2000
-- Greg Risling A quick-moving fire that caused about $20,000 in damage to a Costa Mesa home Wednesday morning was fueled by a Christmas tree, authorities said. No one was injured. The owners of the home, which is in the 3000 block of Tyler Way, had been in the process of getting rid of the tree when the blaze occurred shortly before noon. "One of the children saw the tree on fire, and they got out of there soon after," said Costa Mesa Fire Battalion Chief Jim Ellis.
December 9, 2009
Submitted by Jayce Yamagishi Lighting a Christmas tree is an exciting and touching time during the holiday season and for the twenty-fifth year, St. Joseph Hospital of Orange hosted the “Light Up a Life” event. Hospital staff joined members of the community as they lit up the Hospice Christmas tree with hope, peace and joy in honor of loved ones.  The annual lighting of the tree was on December 6th at St. Joseph Hospital Park.  “Classic Carolers” sang holiday songs throughout the ceremony.
April 19, 2014
Call it a Christmastime pun, an ode to wintertime life on the harbor: "Deck the hulls with bows of jolly. " That's the theme for the 106th annual Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade, event officials said in a release Friday. The local person who crafted the words, however, wants to remain anonymous, officials said. The winner will receive a free VIP excursion on one of the leading boats during the parade, whose roughly 100 participants take a nearly 15-mile route around Newport Harbor.
December 27, 2013
An Australian family visiting Newport Beach for the holidays made sure that Santa Claus would know where to find them on Christmas Eve. Tim and Vicki Brewer and their kids Tianna, 9, and Jed, 7, put their Christmas tree out on the beach as a signal to the big man in red. The night before Christmas, the parents were out by the tree biting into carrots and cookies and making reindeer "hoof" prints in the sand to make it look as though Santa had...
By Emily Foxhall | December 18, 2013
The sun had long set at the bridge to Balboa Island, where 3-year-old Connor Murphy stared off into the harbor, mumbling the words to "Feliz Navidad," which he had recently learned. Off in the distance, the Orange County Sheriff's Department boat approached, spraying water as it led the charge for the 105th annual Newport Beach Christmas boat parade. "Ready?" asked Connor's dad, Bryan. "Santa's boat is coming!" Boats of all sizes -- about 80 in all -- passed one after another by Murphy's perch, casting sparkling reflections onto the dark water.
By Emily Foxhall | December 17, 2013
By Tuesday morning, Peter Barbour had installed Snoopy's dog house, Charlie Brown's Christmas tree and Linus' blue blanket - all on his 11-foot dinghy. A long to-do list yet remained: Put in place Charlie Brown. Find fluorescent lights. Download music. This decorating of his craft, D25, named for Dec. 25, is an annual labor of love for Barbour, who has been preparing for his 10th year of participation in the Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade. The event, which starts Wednesday, marks a way to give back to the community, he says.
By Mike Whitehead | December 6, 2013
Ahoy! December has arrived along with a plethora of Christmas parades, whether by land or by sea. However, the signal lanterns from Paul Revere's Ride for one if by land and two if by sea have been replaced by thousands and thousands of Christmas lights decorating the floats and boats in parades for the next few weekends throughout the world. Looking locally, the boat parades in Orange County's three harbors begin this weekend and continue for a few weekends. Let's begin with Huntington Harbour, which is the county's most northerly.
By Rabbi Marc Gellman | December 6, 2013
Q: Your recent answer about displaying religious holiday decorations was a little confusing. You said it's all right to display a Christmas tree, but not a manger? Easter bunnies, but not a cross? If you're in favor of every faith having equal billing and everyone being able to share their beliefs, they why not the most precious religious symbols of those holidays? I work in a large university setting, and our campus proudly displays a menorah and a manger scene. Christmas trees are nice, but they aren't true reminders of what the holiday stands for. I'm not offended by other cultures and religions, and I think we owe it to one another to be tolerant and understand others' points of view.
By Beau Nicolette | November 15, 2013
Fashion Island was filled with holiday spirit Friday night like a scene from a Disney Christmas special as crowds gathered to watch this year's 90-foot Christmas tree twinkle for the first time. Guests filled the plaza in front of Bloomingdale's and were treated to a custom Disney performance complete with songs from Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy dressed as Santa Claus. The nearly 20-minute song and dance show was capped by falling snow and the illumination of the 20,000 lights adorning the towering tree.
By Rabbi Marc Gellman | October 25, 2013
I have received many questions lately from religious parents of all faiths who are not completely comfortable with allowing their children to celebrate Halloween. The holiday's pagan past disturbs them, and they feel somehow that a victory for Halloween trick-or-treating is a defeat for their faith. Every year, I try to gently comfort them. Herewith, I present this year's effort: Holidays come in three forms: purely religious holidays, holidays that are purely secular and holidays with a mixed history.
By Annie Kim | May 29, 2013
This year's Christmas party hop will be "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" and the theme for the 105th Annual Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade. The event committee recently held a public contest for theme suggestions and received 160 submissions. Two local residents, Judy Candelaria and Michelle Stranak, both sent in an identical idea and "Rocking Around the Christmas Tree" was selected. Previous themes have included "Feelin' Christmas-Sea in Newport Beach!" in 2011, "A Holiday Beach Celebration" in 2003 and last year's theme of "Surf, Sand and Santa!"
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