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Boston Marathon

By Lauren Williams | April 19, 2013
OC Marathon registration is up following Monday's terrorist attacks in Boston, race organizers said. Organizers are witnessing an outpouring of support on social media for the Boston Marathon victims and Orange County runners appear to want to compete in their honor. "The numbers continue to flood in," said Race Director Gary Kutcscher. "Very few are voicing enough concern that they are choosing not to run. [We've had] a number of people who said, 'I wasn't planning on running because of a slight injury, but now I want to run in support of Boston.'" In addition to those registering in support of the Boston victims, Kutscher also explained that the Newport Beach-to-Costa Mesa race had stepped up a marketing and advertising effort planned well before the tragedy with full-page ads in the Daily Pilot and other publications.
By Matt Szabo | August 4, 2007
In his very first marathon, the Boston Marathon in 1973, Bill Rodgers could not finish. "I dropped out after 21 miles," Rodgers said of the 26.2-mile race. "But the next year, I moved up to 14th." Then, the world took notice. Rodgers went on to win both the Boston Marathon and the New York City Marathon four times each during the late 1970s, and won 21 marathons in his career. No other runner in history has ever done that. Today, Rodgers will be at the Corona del Mar High track at 8 a.m., leading a seminar for runners preparing for the Orange County Marathon.
By Steve Virgen | May 4, 2014
Say what you will about the 1980s, but the decade known for its neon, leg-warmers and over-the-top pop music usually conjures fun memories for most. The music is usually described as cheesy, but it still turns to be favorites for many, including recently wed Linda Perry and Sara Gilbert. As a gift, Perry had Orange County's popular 80s cover band Flashback Heart Attack play at the celebrity wedding, and brought in special guests Annabella Lwin (Bow Wow Wow), Martha Davis (The Motels)
December 20, 2004
Chris Yemma In 67 years, Corona del Mar resident Don Watson has traveled many miles on foot. Call him Forrest Gump if you will, but Watson just likes to run. "I want to die with my boots on," said Watson, borrowing an old Marine saying. "I don't want to die in bed, I want to die running." Fighting the rain, bad knees, wind, cold weather, and 3,133 other runners in the half-marathon event of the recent OC Marathon Dec. 5, Watson finished first in the age 65-69 division and 241st overall.
December 16, 2001
Young Chang If you're wondering why Peggy Fort flew all the way to Chicago to run a marathon, just picture her nearing the finish line with 26.2 miles behind her. Family members and friends waved, cheered, flashed her the high-five and rooted from the sidelines until she crossed the coveted end and they could engulf her without boundaries. Fort, a Newport Beach resident who grew up in Chicago, visited her hometown for a long weekend in early October to run the marathon among friends and family.
By: Matt Lewis | October 3, 2005
John Woolley knows a thing or two about running. The 69-year-old Newport Beach resident is a veteran of 48 marathons. After Jan. 8, Woolley will have 49 marathons under his belt. In the 2004 Orange County Marathon, Woolley finished in 4 hours, 55 minutes, 28 seconds, good for seventh in his age group. The retired California Superior Court judge has been running competitively for 12 years. His first marathon was the 1993 Los Angeles Marathon.
By Carrie Luger Slayback | July 5, 2013
The alarm rips me out of sleep, 5:30a.m. Wednesdays and Saturdays. My eyes open to the thought: "It's long-run-day, 12 to 16 miles. " Running alone midweek, I search for a new street or friendly dog on a leash trying to relieve boredom. Mostly, I long for weekends when miles fly by, chatting with Saturday runners. Last Saturday, I gave it all up. It happened in the first two miles. I often start out in pain but this was different: My pesky left knee hurt. An injured right knee postponed my participation in the Boston Marathon in 2007 (I ran it in 2008)
By Steve Smith | April 25, 2013
In August 2011, we spent our family vacation in Lake Tahoe while my late wife Cay's cancer was in remission. Moments before we drove off to go home, I took Cay out on the dock where we'd spent so much time and let her sit. She sat there for 30 minutes without saying a word, knowing this was the last time she'd ever see the magnificent landscape. Most of us go through life celebrating our firsts: first kiss, first job, first home and so on. What we really should be paying attention to, however, are our lasts.
By Carrie Luger Slayback | May 29, 2013
On May 11 I received a compliment that, until now, I've kept secret. Reminds me of a wrapped present handed to me at a 1948 kindergarten gift exchange. All around me, 5-year-olds ripped into their bounty. I took mine home, wrapped. At 69 1/2, I still keep precious gifts to myself for private contemplation. Now I'll unwrap the compliment for this commentary. Last Saturday, Jake, Elizabeth, Catherine, Jim and I jogged along the Upper Bay path at an easy pace. Elizabeth asked, "Carrie, are you thrilled with your time at the OC Half?"
By Bruce Bourquin, Special to the Daily Pilot | February 2, 2012
Six years ago, Sarah Reyna was preparing to run the Long Beach International City Marathon as part of celebrating her 40th birthday. While crossing Pacific Coast Highway on Jamboree Road in Newport Beach, one swift accident spoiled those plans and made life excruciatingly tough for the next several years. "I was training on PCH," said Reyna, a Corona del Mar resident. "There was a car approaching the intersection. The guy who had a red light was turning right, and he floored it. I swear he looked right at me, but he later said he didn't see me. He ran right into me, I rolled onto the hood.
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