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Bell Curve

November 18, 1999
I have concluded after seven decades of acute observation that women have turned the rhetorical question with consummate skill into a means of protecting themselves from being seen as shrill or manipulative. Don't tell him he's feeble-minded and needs to shape up. Just ask him a rhetorical question that will make all this clear. My wife, for example, has a strange hostility toward excessive butter, probably the result of an austere upbringing. Butter in a quantity she considers reasonable is OK. Too much butter -- meaning anything beyond minuscule -- is lethal.
January 16, 2003
I recently read Joe Bell's "The Bell Curve" wherein Bell takes swipes at the Newport Beach City Council, suggesting we are all a bunch of scoundrels (at least the five of us who used the services of Dave Ellis) because of the misleading phone calls in the Gary Adams/Richard Taylor race and that we were, in essence, clearly deficient in respect to the El Toro airport issue ("Coming home to loose ends," Thursday). As the mayor of Newport Beach, I believe it is appropriate to give you my thoughts.
By JOSEPH N. BELL | December 24, 2008
Some wise philosopher and mystic — I think it was Mark Twain — once said after surviving a bad head cold: “The reports of my death were greatly exaggerated.” And so it was last week when, after eight years of sometimes banal consistency, I didn’t appear in this space. A busy news day got in the way of pointing out in print that I was involved in belated Christmas shopping and something had to give. On the dubious premise that more than three people outside my family noticed.
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