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June 2, 2002
There's an acceptable, unhealthy and a huge stinky duck mess that people aren't even walking the canal anymore ("Newport Beach trying to duck the law," Tuesday). I have friends, including my husband and I, that don't want to walk by the ducks. It's just way too bad of a problem and I believe that the animal control needs to follow through with the fines because the laws have already been passed to go ahead and reinforce those laws with fines for anyone on the Grand Canal.
By Amanda Pennington | December 1, 2006
Candles, jewelry, home-style munchable goodies, art and music — a place where you can get it all at once is coming together at the hands of a few real estate professionals pursuing their other working dreams. From noon to 3 p.m. Saturday at the grand opening of their Cottage Courtyards Shops on the main drag of Balboa Island, Giron Grubbs; his daughter, Kaycie Grubbs; Linda Bucci; Stacy MacAndrews Roberts; and Neil Roberts are realizing their dream of a community-oriented hangout spot where they can hawk their wares.
By Brianna Bailey | April 28, 2009
Officials will re-count a vote over whether to create a $20 million assessment district on Balboa Island to underground utilities there, after a tally of the ballots Tuesday night revealed the measure had failed by only a few percentage points. Out of about 1,200 Balboa Island property owners, 505 voted “no” and 501 voted “yes,” according to Tuesday’s count. The ballots are weighted to take into account the assessment for each parcel, so Tuesday’s tally of the ballots broke down to about 52% opposed and 48% in favor.
By Brianna Bailey | August 20, 2009
Architectural photographer Mike Torrey will return to his Balboa Island roots when he makes an appearance at Martha’s Bookstore on Saturday to sign copies of his new book about Machu Picchu. His parents had a summer home on Balboa Island, where he spent summers as a boy. He remembers paddleboarding in Newport Harbor and the legendary Larry the Lifeguard, who was a long-distance paddleboarder and fixture of Balboa Island for decades. Larry the Lifeguard used to set up a projector and show 16-millimeter movies in the middle of one of the island streets on summer nights, Torrey remembers.
By Michael Miller | December 10, 2007
BALBOA ISLAND — Until last month, Stacey MacAndrew and Neil Roberts’ business was difficult to see on Marine Avenue. But it sure was easy to smell. The married couple, who met online three years ago and live in Vista, opened the CandlEssence scented candle shop in mid-November after operating their business precariously on the street for more than a year. As MacAndrew and Roberts waited for a space to open on Balboa Island, they made and sold their candles in the backrooms of other sympathetic business operators.
By Brianna Bailey | February 19, 2009
Balboa Island resident Bob Levin loves the idea of beautifying his neighborhood by getting rid of unsightly utility poles, but he worries about how much the project will cost him and his neighbors. “In this economy, it’s a tough one for a lot of people,” Levin said. Levin, who has lived on the island since 1988, could stand to pay about $16,000 for the city to create a $20-million assessment district on Balboa Island and underground utilities there. The multiyear construction project that would tear up streets and alleyways on Balboa Island could get underway as early as July if island property owners vote for the project in April.
By Brianna Bailey | June 6, 2009
Twirling plastic lawn chairs in an empty office building parking lot to the tune of the B-52’s song “Love Shack,” the Patio Chair Drill Team was hard at work practicing for the Balboa Island parade on Saturday. The group, which has become synonymous with the parade over its eight-year existence, has been preparing for the event since February. The drill team has performed its plastic-chair inspired numbers at past parades to the tunes of Buster Poindexter’s “Hot, Hot, Hot” and Kool and the Gang’s “Ladies’ Night.
By Brianna Bailey | May 12, 2009
A ballot measure to underground utilities on Balboa Island failed by a narrow margin Tuesday night after a contentious re-count. Balboa Island property owners voted 49.7% in favor of the $20-million assessment district and 50.3% voted against the multiyear project. The project, which would have cost island property owners an average of $16,000 apiece to do away with utility poles on the island, needed at least 50% voter approval to pass. “I please ask to the city not hold it against the island as a whole for the actions of a few,” said Larry Kallestad, who supported underground utilities.
By Mike Reicher | December 1, 2011
NEWPORT BEACH - As people stroll Balboa Island's picturesque waterfront, some wonder how much one of those cozy cottages cost. City officials think about another price tag: how much it will take to defend those homes against rising sea levels. City engineers revealed last month that it could cost about $60 million to replace Balboa Island's aging seawalls, or residents could risk more high tides washing into their streets and homes. The low-lying island, which is 4 to 8 feet above sea level, is only a small portion of coastal communities' looming problems from climate change.
By Mike Reicher | August 6, 2012
The Newport Beach Harbor Commission will review a plan Wednesday for about $100 million worth of projects. The projects range from more dredging in Newport Harbor to replacing Balboa Island's seawalls. Maintenance of Newport's tidelands, areas including the beaches, bays and marshes, is partially paid by fees levied on harbor users and businesses, but city leaders say the needs far exceed that budget. This list, produced by the Tidelands Management Committee, is an effort to quantify all of the projected costs.
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