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May 8, 2003
Christine Carrillo Members of the Sigma Pi fraternity, who were accused last week of racist behavior, met with members of the campus's Chicano community and an impartial third party Tuesday. But whether the community forum, which was mediated by a university ombudsman, was successful remains to be seen. "I think in terms of dialogue, those goals were reached, but in terms of a solution that's far off and just, I think, needs to be solidified," said Sunny Lee, assistant director of the cross-cultural center within the dean of students' office.
October 11, 2007
A House committee approved a bill Wednesday recognizing the mass killings of Armenians by Ottoman Turks in 1915 as genocide. Turkish officials warn the U.S. that if Congress approves this resolution, Turkey may cut logistic support for U.S. troops in Iraq. Where do you stand on this resolution and why?   Clearly a huge number of innocent Armenian civilians were slaughtered in the final days of the Ottoman Empire. That should be admitted, and that chapter should be closed.
August 12, 2006
I do not expect or want an apology from the Newport-Mesa Unified School District or its board. After reading the Daily Pilot's article on July 27 ("Web glitch nixes school-board run") and seeing Laura Boss' comment — "Normally, everyone, if they're going to run, they call our office and check, and on good faith, he checked the website and thought for sure he was in Linda Sneen's area" — I felt I owe the apology for any inconvenience I caused her or the board. I did on good faith trust the information on the school district's website.
October 13, 2001
Barry Faulkner COSTA MESA - Costa Mesa High football coach Dave Perkins said Friday he regrets and apologizes for his assertion Thursday night that Northwood ran an illegal play to run up the score during Northwood's 31-6 victory at Irvine High. "I got mad and I believe any coach would have been upset," Perkins said. "I don't think it was a planned play and I don't think they were trying to deceive us. I will apologize for that." Perkins said he also told his players Thursday night that his postgame conduct was wrong.
August 26, 2004
Marisa O'Neil A Newport-Mesa Unified School District trustee is accusing his colleagues of possibly violating board policy and the state's open-meeting law. Trustee Tom Egan read a written statement at the end of Tuesday night's otherwise routine school board meeting. The statement, which referred to an e-mail sent by a fellow trustee, was greeted with a stunned silence in the board chambers. "In the district's five-year strategic plan, we commit ourselves to: 'Hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of performance and service, which improve and support student learning,'" Egan read during his trustee report.
By Jeremiah Dobruck | March 28, 2014
An Orange County jury on Friday acquitted a former Costa Mesa city employee of vandalizing a $5 campaign sign during the contentious 2012 city election. Prosecutors were unable to convince the 12-member panel that Steven Charles White, 40, was the one shown in a grainy video of a man destroying a political sign on a night in October 2012 and tossing it into the bushes at Fair and Columbia drives During the trial, Senior Deputy Dist. Atty. Robert Mestman said White had a political motive and the opportunity to rip up the sign, which advertised a slate of candidates running for the City Council known as the 3Ms: Councilman Steve Mensinger, Councilman Gary Monahan and Planning Commissioner Colin McCarthy.
By MARK MILLER | April 14, 2007
CBS Radio and MSNBC fired Don Imus this week after he referred to Rutgers University's women's basketball team as "nappy-headed hos." Initially, the companies agreed to suspend Imus for two weeks after he apologized but calls for his ouster escalated. Have we established a higher standard for forgiveness with public figures and, if so, do you think that's fair? In our culture of apology, everyone must take his turn on the rack of regret and walk the gauntlet of shame. The "sorry" business is a growth industry, a communal syndrome.
By Steve Virgen | June 5, 2013
As owner of Newport Rib Company, John Ursini does his best to provide food that is delicious. Yet, Ursini recently produced something that left a bad taste in the mouths of Costa Mesa High supporters. It didn't have anything to do with food. Rather, Ursini's attempt at comedy during a celebration ceremony at Estancia High left many angry and disappointed. He wrote and read a top 10 list of reasons why Estancia won the All-Sports Cup, for the fourth straight year, on Thursday.
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