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American Samoa

January 23, 2001
It was her legs. I happened to walk by and practically did a double take. "Dig those crazy gams," I thought, or the 1941 version of that. The rest of the package was just as great, so I managed to get myself introduced and found out that her name was Katy Harris and she worked at Douglas Aircraft Co. Lucky me! One of my best friends, Charlie Oxarart, worked at Douglas, and I decided to visit him at work the next day. As I was being escorted to his office, we passed through a huge room full of rows of women typing.
May 2, 2000
The recent picture of a couple of dead whales being buried in the sand at Seal Beach reminded me of Bob Reed's whale. Many years ago, a dead whale washed ashore next to the Newport Pier. This was a big whale, Moby Dick's big brother. It made those two dead whales at Seal Beach look like minnows. Well, while the rest of us just looked at the big dead whale and the city began to figure just how to get rid of it, Bob Reed, a local businessman, got a bright idea.
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