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Allan Mansoor

By BYRON DE ARAKAL | June 10, 2008
My corporation received mail today from the Employment Development Department. In it were the forms the business has to file once a quarter with the state’s tax collectors. These nice folks want the scoop on whom we employed, how much we paid them and how much scratch we held back in taxes over the last three months. You gotta do this stuff if you run a business. Otherwise, really spooky people with no personalities but who have the muskets to make your life miserable begin sending you letters and paying you visits.
June 5, 2008
Costa Mesa Mayor Eric Bever recently suggested the city consider opening another day laborer job center similar to one in Orange so authorities could do a better job of managing day laborer activity. What do you think of adopting strategies similar to those in the city of Orange?   I am supportive of any measure that will strengthen our ordinance and reduce loitering. There are legitimate ways for people to find work if they are here legally, but it is clear that most of the people soliciting work in that manner are here illegally and do not have a legal right to work here.
March 7, 2008
Costa Mesa City Councilman Allan Mansoor is looking for ways to further regulate where sex offenders may live in the city, citing a proposed policy in Long Beach he said might work similarly. City staff is studying the proposal and how it could be applied in Costa Mesa, he said. “It’s my understanding that the city of Long Beach is looking into an ordinance to further regulate where sex offenders may or may not live,” he said. “I simply wanted to find out if it was doable, and if it is, can we do it?
January 10, 2008
Ever since Allan Mansoor dropped his year-end bombshell by stating he was stepping down as mayor, the Internet has been white-hot with speculation, accusation and pontification. The intensity of comments on the Daily Pilot blog and others has increased since Mansoor nominated pal Eric Bever as mayor and the majority — including Mansoor’s running mate last year, Wendy Leece — elected him. Linda Dixon went along for the ride in a show of harmony. When Bever, in his first official act, nominated Mansoor as mayor pro tem you could almost hear the eyebrows raising all around town.
January 6, 2008
To the victor go the spoils. We’ve said it before, but this 19th century phrase bears repeating amid the gnashing of teeth and slinging of mud that followed the appointment of Eric Bever to mayor of Costa Mesa. When it comes to Costa Mesa politics, Bever, at least for now, is one of the victors. So it should be of no surprise that his fellow victor, Allan Mansoor, would present his fellow majority member with a political gift — the position of mayor. And all this just in time for the coming 2008 election season.
By TOM JOHNSON | January 3, 2008
It’s always interesting watching a Costa Mesa City Council meeting and seeing what the “big three” are deciding. This past week was no different. In fact, some would argue that the meeting was perfectly scripted. But c’mon, we all know that couldn’t happen. There’s no way this council would call each other and say, “This is the plan ... ” So in the latest chapter of musical chairs, Eric Bever is the new mayor and Allan Mansoor is now the mayor pro tem, following his resignation from the top spot.
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