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Affordable Housing

By Brianna Bailey | December 6, 2007
Newport Beach is out of compliance with laws that require the city to address regional housing needs, according to state officials. Local affordable housing advocates say the city has done little to help the many low-income workers who work in fields like food service and housekeeping in the wealthy community. “They’ve done virtually nothing to meet the needs of people with very low-incomes,” said Scott Darrell, executive director of the Kennedy Commission on Affordable Housing.
By Brianna Bailey | November 30, 2007
The Newport Beach Planning Commission approved a multimillion dollar development agreement with the Irvine Co. Thursday night to create a new planned community in Newport Center. Six of the city’s seven planning commissioners voted to pass the deal up to Newport Beach City Council for final review. Commissioner Michael Toerge was absent. A few residents expressed concern the deal was moving rapidly through city government without enough time for public discussion. City officials expect the council’s approval of the deal by the end of the year.
By Alicia Robinson | October 13, 2007
NEWPORT BEACH — Ruth Mang has been living in the same apartment for 25 years, and she couldn’t be happier. The apartment complex offers movie nights, barbecues and the occasional art class. Also, she’s close by the Oasis Senior Center — and when you’re 97, proximity can be important. Mang is one of five tenants who have been living at Seaview Lutheran Plaza since it opened in 1982. Residents of the 100-unit building, staff members and the board of directors will celebrate the plaza’s 25th anniversary with a luncheon today.
By Dolores Otting | August 7, 2007
It has been a long time since I have put pen to paper and submitted a letter to the Daily Pilot, but I cannot let go of what transpired at the July 24 City Council meeting. What has really disturbed me since that evening was item S23 on the consent calendar. Item S23 (the 'S' means it was completed after the regular agenda was posted) was "Affordable Housing Implementation Plan and Memorandum of Understanding — Santa Barbara Condominiums." The action was to adopt Resolution No. 2005-55 approving the affordable housing implementation plan, and to approve a memo of understanding.
July 26, 2007
Newport Beach officials will spend $5 million in developer fees on city parks, with the bulk of the money likely going to Newport Center Park. Builder Lennar Homes will pay the city the funds as part of an agreement that allows it to build 79 condos next to the Newport Beach Marriott Hotel and follow a new, lower standard for affordable housing. The City Council voted Tuesday to use the money first for Newport Center Park, the site under dispute as a potential city hall location; then for improvements at Back Bay View Park.
By STEVE SMITH | April 7, 2007
Anyone who wants to poke a stick in the spokes of the idea of local affordable housing for teachers is going to have a very tough time of it. The truth is that across the country over the past several years, school districts and municipal governments large and small have developed a variety of ways to attract and keep teachers. Some examples. Last April, "New York City began offering housing subsidies of up to $14,600 to entice new math, science and special education teachers to work in the city's most challenging schools, in one of the most aggressive housing incentive programs in the nation to address a chronic shortage of qualified educators in these specialties" (New York Times, April 6, 2006)
By STEVE SMITH | March 31, 2007
The easy thing to do is to look at last Tuesday's teacher protest before the school board meeting as an isolated incident. But that would be a mistake. In fact, a recent series of important events has led to a local crisis in education. Workplace disruptions such as this are almost always the result of bad management. That observation comes from having more than 20 years of experience managing people. Bad management is usually the result of poor communication, whether it is not enough communication or whether the words and actions don't match.
By STEVE SMITH | March 21, 2007
Over the years, my chief issue with our school board has been the lack of any meaningful progress in several Costa Mesa schools. It seems to me that shuffling people around and coming up with another study was all they seemed to be able to muster. As I have in the past, I will seize almost any opportunity to praise the school board when I see progress. This is one of those opportunities. After much debate and a lot of input, the board voted 5-2 last Tuesday to give parents the choice to send their children to the fourth grade at College Park, Paularino and Sonora elementary schools, each of which has classes from kindergarten through third grade.
February 8, 2007
Would you support a citywide program that requires developers to provide affordable housing? No, I would not support such a program. The middle-class home buyer pays the price of programs such as this in higher housing prices. It is ironic that some demand that we increase the price of housing with a $19,000-per-unit, low-cost-housing tax — all in the name of affordability. ERIC BEVER Costa Mesa city councilman Did not respond. LINDA DIXON Costa Mesa city councilwoman Did not respond.
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