Sailing: It's OK fast in Newport to Ensenada race

Crew that features most from Newport Beach captures President of Mexico trophy, for best corrected time in their class.

April 29, 2014

It's always a joke, tinted with slight worry, over whether the plethora of trophies will be allowed across the border for presentation at the finale of the Newport to Ensenada yacht race.

Awarded for numerous categories, the collection comprises wooden platforms topped with a variety of large goblets, plus others decorated by more whimsical items, like a boat steering wheel, or a whale inside a clear box.

But the atypical treasures made it safe and sound for Sunday's ceremony, held on the lawn at the Hotel Coral in Ensenada, Mexico.


A jovial crowd gathered under a large tent for the presentation, hosted by the Newport Ocean Sailing Assn. Cans of Tecate beer in hand, they continued to celebrate what one drunken reveler dubbed the "Enchilada Race," which officially began in Newport Beach Friday morning.

Almost all of the 168 registered boats had arrived by noon on Saturday, bearing testimony to sailing conditions marked by unusually high wind that year. The deadline for finishing wasn't until Sunday morning.

A handful of the revelers had donned large, colorful sombreros. Another wore a miniature sombrero on a headband.

The crew of It's OK, most of whom hailed from Newport Beach, all sported white shirts that displayed the boat's name as they received the first prize announced, the President of Mexico trophy, for best corrected time in their class.

They toted off their prize to celebrate in their hotel room before a hoped-for game of croquet.

Other awards would include the NOSA trophy for best elapsed time of all boats (Orion), the Tommy Bahama trophy for best correcrted time of all boats (Mama Tried) and the President of USA trophy for best corrected PHRF (Horizon).

—Emily Foxhall

Twitter: @EmFoxhall



(Trophy name, qualification: boat name, skipper, yacht club)

President of Mexico, best corrected time MAXI: It's OK, Lewis Beery, BYC

President of NOSA, best corrected time ORCA: Mama Tried, Pete Melvin, ABYC

Alice Pursell, best elapsed time: Orion, Tom Siebel, STFYC

Stern-Choy, best corrected time for catamaran: Freestyle, Jerry Wetzler, DWYC

Stein-Cross, best corrected time for trimaran: Mama Tried, Pete Melvin, ABYC

Governor of California, best corrected time PHRF-A: Horizon, Jack Taylor, DPYC

City of Newport Beach, best corrected time PHRF-B : Van Diemen, Rob Vaughan, NHYC

Newport Harbor Chamber of Commerce, best corrected time PHRF-C: J Almighty, Mike Hatch, SDYC

Gil Knudson, best corrected time PHRF-D: Uhambo, David Chase, VNTYC

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