Jury deliberates in sign vandalism case

Former city worker is charged with destroying campaign poster during heated council race. Grainy video is shown as evidence.

March 27, 2014|By Jeremiah Dobruck

Tattooed shins and a penchant for pedicures prove a Costa Mesa man charged with vandalizing a political campaign sign in 2012 is wrongfully accused, his defense argued at trial Thursday.

Steven Charles White, 40, formerly a maintenance worker with the city of Costa Mesa, was charged last year with misdemeanor vandalism for allegedly ripping up a lawn sign advertising candidates in a heated City Council race.

Testimony in his jury trial began and concluded Thursday at the Harbor Justice Center in Newport Beach, with the prosecutor and defense focused on exactly who is shown in grainy black-and-white footage ripping up a sign for a slate of candidates.


At one point during testimony, White pulled up his pants legs to reveal two tattoos, a German flag that wraps halfway around one shin and a shamrock on the other.

His lawyer, Jeremy Goldman, argued that those tattoos aren't present on the man in the video.

"You can't escape the tattoos," Goldman said.

Prosecutors contend that the video isn't clear enough to see if the tattoos are there or not.

In the video, a bald man with a beard is walking barefoot outside with an off-leash dog following him.

This is something White would never do, according to his wife and stepson's testimony.

White and wife, Christine, have a habit of getting pedicures together, she told jurors. All three defense witnesses — Christine, a next-door neighbor and White's stepson — said White never walks barefoot. They said he even wears slippers constantly in the house because he likes to take care of his feet.

Senior Deputy Dist. Atty. Robert Mestman dismissed this idea in closing arguments, saying it hurt the witnesses' credibility.

"Ladies and gentleman, that is just unbelievable," he said. "That is a witness testifying to try to help the defendant."

Mestman said the bare feet actually help implicate Steven White, who lives around the corner from where the sign was vandalized at the corner of Fair and Columbia drives — close enough to go for a quick walk in bare feet.

Four witnesses for the prosecution — Steven White's former neighbor, his former boss, a police sergeant and a private investigator — said they believed he was the man in the video based on his appearance, mannerism and the location of the crime.

The man in the video became the face of campaign sign vandalism in Costa Mesa during a contentious local election season. Parties on all sides complained of widespread sign theft and vandalism.

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