Social media assists in camera's recovery

Newport Beach youngster learns his shots of the waves weren't really lost after all.

February 13, 2014|By Michael Miller
  • Mason Melcer, 11, happily holds the GoPro camera he lost in the ocean at Big Corona more than a year ago.
Mason Melcer, 11, happily holds the GoPro camera he lost… (Don Leach, Daily…)

Mason Melcer attached his GoPro camera to a boogie board in summer 2012 and paddled out into the ocean, hoping to snare some remarkable shots of the waves.

It turned out to be the camera's last voyage. Mason, an 11-year-old Newport Beach resident who had saved up to buy the GoPro on eBay, mounted it on a board that was too soft to stay adhesive, and when the sea got rough, the device promptly disappeared.

But the footage Mason captured that day got an unexpected denouement a year and a half later. And if ever a story could be told by social media links, it's this one.


Facebook: Jan. 21

The 101-second video posted on the Facebook page I Love Newport Beach begins with Mason in the back seat of a car, after which the scene cuts to him standing in a wetsuit on the beach at Big Corona. Then, just as abruptly, the point of view shifts to the camera's, balanced on the board's tip, as it captures the waves and Mason splashing around in them.


Then comes a big wave, and the screen dissolves to black before a few seconds showing the muddy deep as the lens cascades down. A title card (incorrectly) announces "Nearly 5 Years Later," and then a scuba diver, accompanied by a friend filming her adventure, pries the GoPro from the ocean floor.

The final image shows the camera, back on dry land and mounted on a white sheet of paper, with the words "Still In Good Condition!" along the bottom of the screen. The caption below the video on I Love Newport Beach declares, "We believe the people are trying to find the owner..."


YouTube: Jan. 19

Flash back two days.

Scuba diver Ron Singh, who held his GoPro while Mimi Reyes fished out Mason's, posted a message on his YouTube account: "Went diving at Corona del Mar Jan. 4, 2014. We used our Gopro Hero 3 Black Edition. While diving my girlfriend and I found this GoPro Camera. It looks like the first GoPro Hero model. We took it home, dried it, tried it out and is working just fine. The case is a little corroded but in very good condition! The memory card still works, if anyone knows this kid let me know!"

As it turned out, someone knew that kid. I Love Newport Beach, a Facebook page launched in September 2011 by Tony Shaw, posted Singh's video soon after it went up, and Mason got unexpected news one day from a school friend.

"He said that his mom saw a video that an account posted on Facebook, and she said that it looked like one of his friends," said Mason, 12. "And then he showed it to me, and it was me."

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