The Harbor Report: Savoring days on the Duffy

October 25, 2013|By Len Bose
  • A man cruises Newport Harbor in a Duffy electric boat.
A man cruises Newport Harbor in a Duffy electric boat. (Len Bose )

This week, I spent a lot of time shuttling Duffy electric boats to and from the shipyard for prospective buyers to complete their inspection process before they purchase a boat.

While on the harbor, during these warm Indian summer days, I thought back to all the good times I have had while cruising the harbor.

As a college student, I recalled all the Friday nights we found a place to park the boat in the Rhine Channel, started our night at Snug Harbor and worked our way down the channel to Woody's Wharf.

Quite often, we would meet some new friends and introduce them to the harbor by returning to the Duffy and continuing to cruise down the peninsula, frequently stopping by the yacht clubs and other favorite restaurants to use their facilities and partake in the local nightlife.

Favorite stops along the route included the Studio Cafe, which we referred to as the Who Do You Know. Then we stopped off at Dillmans, Class of '47 and the Balboa Saloon before returning back to the boat, many times with new crew members. On numerous occasions, many of our new crew members had never experienced our harbor aboard a Duffy.


As proper gentlemen and yachtsmen, we could not comprehend how anyone could miss out on experiencing our harbor at night, with the moon, stars and lights reflecting off the rippling water. In the late summer months, during a red tide, the bright, glowing bioluminescence in the water was more entertaining than the laserium.

Staying on course, we would then cruise down to the east end of the harbor and visit the two Corona del Mar yacht clubs before stopping on Balboa Island at the Village Inn. Many times, our visits were short because it was more fun to be on the harbor rather than a crowded restaurant.

Other frequent stops were the lighthouse beach on Harbor Island, the different water slides around the harbor or a climb up on one of the fiberglass whales in Newport Dunes. If the water was still warm and the tide high, there was the occasional thought of jumping off one of the harbor bridges before returning to our starting waypoint.

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