Steinberg: I'm back to change the world

October 12, 2013|By Leigh Steinberg

I have been writing for my hometown paper, The Daily Pilot, for several years now, commenting on a variety of news and issues surrounding the world of sports. This week, the news spread about my own plans, and I wanted to share the rationale and motivation with our readers.

In March of 2010 I entered Sober Living to deal with my growing problem with alcohol. I realized that until I put sobriety first, nothing else would be possible. I have had to work through the self-induced wreckage and relationships.

I am now deep into a fourth year of sobriety with the help of a unique fellowship and an extraordinary support system. Anyone who is feeling alone and despairing trying to get sober should know there is help available. For me, it has been a long and enlightening road back. The hiatus was a valuable and necessary learning experience. I was able to find clarity and a powerful sense of purpose for my life.


Last week we announced the launching of a new business: Steinberg Sports & Entertainment, to do representation, marketing and content supply.

The question you may be asking is why, with renewed energy and motivation, would I choose to reenter the often cutthroat world of sports?

The answer is simple. Sports, as much as any other aspect of our global culture, has the power to change the world.

My father stressed two core values: 1. Treasure relationships, especially family.

2. Make a positive impact in the world and help those who are in need and can't help themselves.

The world of sports is central to our humanity and offers unlimited opportunities to make a difference. Helping young people gain their own sense of purpose and motivation will enable them to prioritize values and develop a blueprint for a productive life. Values like self-respect, spiritual belief, a veneration of family and active participation in their community will serve them well for a lifetime and bring rewards beyond money.

First and foremost, professional athletes need to be successfully guided in their path to the draft in their respective sports.

Physical and mental preparation can significantly affect not only their draft position but their ability to deliver the goods in competition. Once drafted, they need expert contract negotiation while they do everything possible to prepare to compete, starting with being on time for training camp.

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