Mailbag: Benefits of theater program incalculable

September 13, 2013

Regarding your Sept. 12 story "Sports Stadiums or a Theater?": Many people love a good high school football game. There is no question that kids benefit from athletics. But high school drama programs are just as important.

Our son met his wife in the Estancia High School drama program 13 years ago. As supportive parents, we saw many productions at Estancia's small theater. It was a well-used, slightly threadbare facility back then. I doubt that it has improved over the years. Often, productions have to be moved to Newport Harbor High's theater (at considerable expense to the program) because Estancia's facilities are inadequate.

Drama teacher Pauline Maranian has done incredible work giving thousands of Estancia students an opportunity to shine even if they may not have athletic gifts. More important, the kids have had an opportunity to grow and experience a community of their peers working toward a very challenging goal and winning many awards in the process.


Our son and daughter-in-law still count as friends people they met in the drama program. Both went on after high school to college classes in drama and film. They have shifted careers but are both in graduate school, and I can't help but believe that some of their success is owed to the Estancia drama program.

Looking at all the benefits to the audiences, the performers, the behind-the-scenes crew — and parents — we think that a theater at Estancia would be money well spent.

Waiting until 2020 is unthinkable. Measure F was passed in 2005. It shouldn't take 15 years to get the money to a program for which it was approved.

Dan and Barbara Rycroft

Costa Mesa


Privatization of trash doesn't make sense

Last Tuesday night, sitting on $20 million thrones (about the cost per council member of the new City Hall) and looking down on its loyal subjects, the city council tried to make us believe that elimination through profitization of an efficient public service was primarily intended to save a lot of money.

The council members spent taxpayer money to hire a consultant to develop a lengthy and complex report filled with all kinds of gibberish, concocting a fairy tale regarding millions of dollars in savings if our city trash service was outsourced to a private company.

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