Carnett: Family welcomes eighth miracle

February 19, 2013|By Jim Carnett

Experiencing the birth of a child is perhaps the greatest privilege a mortal can encounter during this lifetime.

For a few moments, anyway, this sublime miracle seems to put all other worldly distractions into perspective. New life affirms the future.

My new grandson, Judah, reintroduced my family to this wonderful notion Friday when he entered the world at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach. Watching things transpire alongside many members of my family –- both here and abroad via social media — gave me a deep sense of wonder and awe.


For a while, I became a picture-taking maniac.

By way of introduction, let me say that Judah's a "big 'un," plain and simple. So big, in fact, that I'd do him a deep injustice, were I to label him anything less than a whopper.

Judah arrived on a spectacularly clear and sunny afternoon weighing a robust 10 pounds and 2.4 ounces. He possessed all the requisite physical accouterments including appropriate numbers of fingers and toes. He's by far the biggest newborn ever to take up residence in the Carnett household.

He broke the existing family tonnage standard like Bob Beamon shattered the world long-jump record in 1968. Remember Beamon breaking the old mark by nearly two feet at the Mexico City Olympics? Well, Judah has exceeded the family weight record by 2 pounds, and that, to my mind, is nothing short of amazing.

My daughter was big during the final weeks of her pregnancy (when she was barely eight months along, women would approach her at the mall and say, "you must be due any day!"), but we weren't expecting a 10-pounder. In fact, when my son-in-law texted "10-2" from the delivery room, I turned to my eldest daughter, flabbergasted, and said, "What? 10-2? Oct. 2?" It made no sense to me.

According to my best estimates, no baby of our clan has ever weighed more than a gram or two above 8 pounds. Heck, my scrawny little frame was first exposed to the light of day weighing a few ounces less than 6 pounds.

We've had preschoolers in our family who've barely tipped the scales at 10 pounds (we tend to be a petite and wiry breed).

After all the heavy lifting, I'm happy to report that his mother and father are doing fine.

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