Mailbag: Commentary on guns was way off target

January 12, 2013

Re. "Commentary: It's time to arm school personnel,' Jan. 10: Twenty-seven people dead from gunshots. Twenty were children ages 6 to 7, all of whom had multiple shots to the head. One 6-year-old was hit 11 times, yet writer Chuck Cassity wants more guns in schools. He says the calls for regulation are "hysterical pleadings" that are "lamentable."

Those hysterical pleadings, sir, are the cries from the parents who had to identify their dead child through photos, rather than subject them to the horror of seeing their own beloved and innocent child in barely recognizable condition.

Nowhere in Cassity's solution of arming teachers does he mention that maybe, just maybe, large clips or background checks or closing gun show loopholes are reasonable steps to help stop the carnage without "prying" the guns out of the hands of hunters, target shooters or ordinary people exercising the right to own a gun and use it for self defense.


Recently a man fired 50 rounds into the air at Fashion Island; he easily could have shot 50 rounds into shoppers. Thankfully, that didn't happen, or Cassity would be calling for armed kiosk workers. Cassity, I own a gun, but I also own some common sense, and common sense tells me that reasonable restrictions and fewer guns are the better option.

Gregg Peterson

Newport Beach


Rights not being denied

Chuck Cassity has finally done it. He has exceeded even his high threshold of right-wing nonsense in his pitch to arm our teachers. His commentary is filled with bizarre speculation, e.g, that Sandy Hook Elementary School was chosen for the mass killing because it was in a gun-free zone; that the mentally unbalanced shooter would have selected a different site, had he known that there might be an armed citizen at the school. Also false premises, e.g., that "gun-hating loons" are trying to deny their fellow citizens of their Constitutional rights.

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