Harlan: I'm grateful for an engaged community

November 24, 2012|By Jeffrey Harlan

Things have been quiet on the Mesa. Perhaps it's the result of an exhausting campaign season. I, for one, have enjoyed the relative absence of any politicking over the past few weeks. Or is this just the calm before the storm?

I'd prefer to believe we're just following the natural, seasonal shift, breezing through fall and preparing for winter and the New Year. It's customary during this time — especially after a Thanksgiving-induced food coma — to take stock of the past year's events and consider how things may change for the upcoming one.

In this spirit, I offer my incomplete list of the gratitude I feel for living in a community that provides equal measures of hope, frustration, joy and inspiration.


I am grateful for how broadly and passionately the Costa Mesa community has engaged in the political process. And I deeply respect the level of active participation, where hundreds of ordinary folks have been energized to get involved in our city's governance. I'm hopeful we can capitalize on this interest and vigilance and work together toward advancing a common vision.

I am grateful for the service of our public officials and their dedication to governing our fair city for the benefit of the entire community.

I am grateful for the hundreds of dedicated city employees who, under the most unstable and challenging circumstances, continue to serve our community effectively with grace, dignity and professionalism.

I am grateful for the Costa Mesa residents who bravely stepped up to the challenge of running for elected office. Leading and managing an effective campaign is no small task, and I appreciate the commitment these men and women made, and the hard work they invested, to give us choices for our representation.

I am grateful to live in a dynamic city where new relationships and organizations are born of a common desire to improve our collective circumstances. No one has a monopoly on contributing to our growth and prosperity, and it is refreshing to see such a wide spectrum of passionate people commit to enhancing our community.

I am grateful to the number of social service agencies, organizations and individuals who care for those in our community who desperately need assistance. Sadly, the demands on these entities have grown over the past few years. Their work is vital, not just to the people who receive help, but also to the Newport-Mesa community as a whole.

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