The Harbor Report: Fleets take to the harbor this weekend

September 27, 2012|By Len Bose

This weekend is the H20 Fleet Championship, which will be raced out of the Newport Harbor Yacht Club in the turning basin.

Looking at the entry list, there could be easily 40 participants spread out between two fleets.

In the A fleet the edge has to be given to Diane and Bill Menninger, who have won the last two championships. But don't tell that to Karen and Gary Thorne or Anne and Kurt Wiese.

Over in B Fleet, Rolly Pulaski and John Whitney have recently qualified to sail in As, which should make for a good battle for Carl Cheadle and Max Moosmann aboard Summer Dream and Jeff Gordon and Reid Vitarelli sailing Tres Unos.


It would not surprise me if Joe Carter comes out and wins the first couple of races. He has shown some serious speed recently and if he can put the whole puzzle together, he will have a good chance at wining B Fleet. But my money is on Team Cheadle.

I will be sailing with my good friend Marry Bacon aboard Rascal II. Our goal is top five this year. If we can sail just a little more consistently, we should be able to keep the attention of Team Cheadle and Gordon.

This year is a little different because the moorings are still out in front of NHYC, giving us a lot more space.

Another difference I have noticed this summer is the current. Because of the recent dredging, the water is moving faster in different locations than in past years. To see a survey of the depths around the harbor, visit my blog,


Bike cruise brings random thoughts

I took another long harbor cruise on my bicycle Wednesday, with my attention focused on our public piers and waste pumpout stations.

I also observed a couple items that should be brought to your attention, along with a fantastic recommendation made by Gary Hill. To see a map of the harbor with a list of these items, visit my blog.

Before I tell you about my cruise, I would like to give a big shoutout to my friend Carter Ford. Carter led a group of people a couple years ago in a long effort in updating our public piers and did an outstanding job.

The time has come to take a second look and not just sit back and say, "Well, that's done." It's time to check on the maintenance of the docks and keep them user-friendly.

I rode to all 11 public piers and talked to some people. Rather than describe my observations at each pier, I am going to make some general recommendations.

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