The Harbor Report: Council approves dock rent increases

September 20, 2012|By Len Bose

Lots to talk about this week, so let's push off the dock and get underway.

On Sept. 12 the Newport Beach City Council voted 4 to 3 to increase the marina tidelands permit costs over the next seven years. The annual rate will be 36 cents per square foot through 2014 and will rise to $2.52 per square foot by 2020.

Will the marina owners continue their fight? You betcha.

While putting this weeks column together, I kept flashing back to the Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Elmer Fudd skit centering on "duck season-wabbit season." I changed "duck" to "dock."


That's right, the city is Elmer with his shotgun and laugh.

For the homeowners who received City Manager Dave Kiff's letter this week, it seems it's definitely dock season right now. The letter goes on to explain the difference between tax and rent, and that the bottom line is the rent will go up soon.

The devil is always is always in the details.


Harbor Commission divvies up tasks

I attended last week's Harbor Commission meeting, an important meeting because our commissioners volunteered to take on certain tasks this year.

The following is my rendition of their tasks, as pulled from the commission's agenda. To see the complete list, visit

"Ensuring the long-term welfare of our harbor"

1. "Investigate potential solutions to long standing obstacles to maintenance," like permitting, the lack of small-scale dredging operators. Chairman Doug West and Commissioners Duncan McIntosh and Brad Avery. Strange that this was the first task listed because it is the most important.

2. Best use of the Lower Castaways: Commissioners Avery, David Girling and Karen Rhyne

3. Resetting harbor lines: Commissioners Ralph Rodheim and Rhyne

4. Enforcement of harbor codes: Commissioners West, Paul Blank, Avery

5. Improve boating education, especially for Newport Beach residents: Blank, Rodheim

7. " ... Strategies to maintain water-related businesses" on the harbor: McIntosh, Rodheim

8. Communicate the Harbor Commission's role with the public: Girling, Avery

9. Alternative mooring design solutions: Rodheim, Avery

"Promoting Newport Harbor as a preferred and welcoming destination"

1. Define strategies for increasing the number of visiting vessels: Blank, Girling, West

2. "Evaluate public anchorage alternatives": West, Avery

3. Evaluate public piers that facilitate visitor access: Girling, Blank

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