B. Michael premieres new line at South Coast Plaza

The New York fashion designer's b michael American Red will be sold exclusively at Macy's.

August 16, 2012|By Heather Youmans
  • B. Michael
B. Michael (Daily Pilot )

B. Michael, a New York fashion designer and costumer for Whitney Houston in the upcoming film"Sparkle," premiered his new collection, b michael America Red, atMacy's South Coast Plaza this week.

Fashion enthusiasts gathered in the dresses department Wednesday evening to preview the informally modeled collection. Those in attendance were given a chance to meet the designer and peruse the new designs.

Oscar-nominated Cicely Tyson ("The Help") bought a brown dress in support of the line.

Macy's partnered with B. Michael for the launch of the new collection, which is now carried exclusively at 10 Macy's locations across the country.

"Macy's is the quintessential American department store, and so we are happy that they responded as such, because we think it's a great fit," B. Michael said before the event. "We are creating an American lifestyle brand ... red of course being a part of American colors: red, white and blue. And one of the things you will see is that all of the linings, for instance, in the collection are red.


"And, we're making the collection in America — in New York, to be exact — so we are representing something that we believe in."

The new collection was inspired by the designer's flagship collection, b michael America.

"We're excited, because it's an opportunity as a couture designer, which is our flagship, for us to present our point of view to a broader audience and still maintain the kind of sensibility we bring to the couture collection, as well," B. Michael said.

The new line features easy-to-wear dresses and sleek jacket ensembles priced between $155 and $400. Dresses come in neutral tones, solids and select bold prints. Stylistically, the selections offer a modern take on the designer's signature use of clean lines, dramatic sleeves, retro-inspired feminine silhouettes and striking necklines.

"We are targeting a woman who is professional, or certainly a woman that has an agenda," B. Michael said. "She's sophisticated. Whether it's that she's working during the day as a professional and has to go to a gallery opening or a dinner meeting or for fun after work. So she can wear the dress and take the jacket off and be ready for what happens after work."

B. Michael began developing the line two years ago.

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