From The Boathouse: Join me on cruise to Alaska

July 05, 2012|By Mike Whitehead


Wondering what to do in September after the summer ends? Then join me on a post-summer cruise to Alaska for a week of great food and helping to solve a murder mystery.

CRN, the station that syndicates my radio show, is giving listeners a chance to meet its radio personalities aboard Princess Cruises' Star Princess.


The luxury liner will depart from Seattle on Sept. 9, and immediately point her bow northerly, climbing the latitudes to Alaska. Stops are scheduled in several ports such as Ketchikan, Juneau, the Tracy Arm fjord, Skagway, and Victoria in British Columbia before returning to Seattle.

"I am looking forward to cruising to Alaska on our CRN Mystery Cruise with all of our listeners and Capt. Mike Whitehead of 'Boathouse Radio,'" said Michael J. Horn, president and chief executive of CRN Digital Talk.

He continued, "It is always good to have a spare captain along on your cruise!"

I should give a disclaimer that although my radio show is broadcasted on CRN, I am not receiving any special considerations for mentioning this cruise. I just think that this will be a cruise of a lifetime and I know that my wife is looking forward to a week of pampered luxury.

I am looking forward to the great murder mystery, meeting other radio personalities and listeners, eating great food, and my favorite activity of lounging on the Lido Deck.

I want to help those who cannot remember the direction of latitude lines versus longitude lines on a chart, especially because I mentioned latitude in my second paragraph and I constantly receive emails inquiring about the directions for "Lat" and "Longs." I will help you with a mnemonic tip, which I teach my boating students.

All you have to do is to recall that latitude sounds like "ladder" and you climb up or down the rungs of a ladder, thus latitude lines are circles about the Earth. Latitude measurements begin at around the Equator (zero degree latitude), which is the longest distance on the circumference of the Earth.

Hence, latitude lines are circling the globe horizontally, and therefore, longitude are lines that go from pole to pole. Oh, pole to pole is the North Pole to the South Pole or the South Pole to the North Pole for any landlubbers. Now you can impress your friends at yacht club.

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