Q&A with Mr. Irrelevant

Chandler Harnish said he feels spoiled during Irrelevant Week.

July 03, 2012|By David Carrillo PeƱaloza
  • Paul Salata, left, and Chandler Harnish, the 37th Mr. Irrelevant, pose with the Lowsman Trophy during a banquet held at Newport Beach Marriott Hotel & Spa on Tuesday.
Paul Salata, left, and Chandler Harnish, the 37th Mr.… (KEVIN CHANG, Daily…)

Spoiled is how Chandler Harnish said he's felt during his first visit to California.

Newport Beach tends to treat the last player selected in the NFL Draft every year like a No. 1 pick.

This year, it's Harnish's turn to enjoy being Mr. Irrelevant.

The quarterback didn't go No. 1 overall like Andrew Luck.

Harnish went dead last, pick No. 253.

The same team, the Indianapolis Colts, chose the first and last players in the draft.

Harnish knows he isn't going to earn Luck-like money, but Newport Beach has showered the boy from Indiana like the top draft pick.

Before Harnish sat down for his Mr. Irrelevant roast Tuesday night during the All-Star Lowsman Banquet at the Newport Beach Marriott Hotel & Spa, the rookie answered some questions from the Daily Pilot.


Question: What is the most exciting thing you plan to do while you're in Orange County?

Answer: I would say going to Disneyland. I'm really looking forward to the Lowsman Banquet.


Q: Did you fly first class, or did you take Greyhound to Orange County?

A: I didn't take Greyhound [laughs], but I flewUnited [Airlines]. It was decent, but not first class, no way.

Q: What are you expecting out of Irrelevant Week, beside free Colts gear?

A: Just being in California and having the experience and getting to meet some pretty cool people.

Q: Before Irrelevant Week, you went to the NFL rookie symposium in Ohio. What did you learn?

A: I learned a lot of different things, just what not to do. We had a lot of guys speak on issues that they've had. I've learned a lot of troubling stories, but I think it will help us in the long run.

Q: Terrell Owens, one of the most controversial receivers in the game, talked to you guys at the symposium. What did you take from Owens, is he the kind of receiver most quarterbacks dream of throwing to?

A: You look at the guy, he's about 6-4, 6-5, he's a specimen. Any time you have a guy like that, you would jump on that opportunity and take it.

Q: What kind of advice did Terrell Owens offer in respect to having a loving relationship with a wide receiver?

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