Wu: Democracy, not the GOP, controls Costa Mesa

June 02, 2012|By Jack Wu

Thomas Jefferson supposedly said, "Democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where 51% of the people may take away the rights of the other 49%."

I am writing this to remind all the people in Costa Mesa, from all of the comments I see posted on the Daily Pilot website, that they live in a democracy and that the Republican Party of Orange County plays no direct part in governing the city.

I am tired of seeing people blame all the ills of Costa Mesa on the OCGOP and the City Council majority.


While Mayor Pro Tem Jim Righeimer has been involved for many years, he is not a puppet for OCGOP Chairman Scott Baugh, nor does Baugh control Councilmen Steve Mensinger, Gary Monahan or Planning Commission Chairman Colin McCarthy, who all plan to run as a slate for the council in November.

How do I know?

I was Tom Fuentes' alternate member on the OCGOP Central Committee from 2002 until 2008, when I was appointed as a full voting member until 2010.

During those eight years, I attended almost every Central Committee meeting and was part of most of the subcommittees, and I had never met Mensinger, Monahan or McCarthy until very recently, nor did I hear Baugh, or Fuentes before him, ever tell the Central Committee that they were going to control Costa Mesa politics.

I spoke with two Central Committee members, one of whom represents Costa Mesa.

Fountain Valley Mayor Pro Tem Mark McCurdy, who represents the 68th Assembly District for the Central Committee, had only met Mensinger once, has eaten at Monahan's bar and restaurant, Skosh Monahan's, a few times, and had no idea who McCarthy was.

The other — Allan Bartlett, the committee's 70th Assembly District representative — had only met Mensinger for the first time in April. He also eats at Skosh Monahan's and had just recently started seeing McCarthy at OCGOP events.

If a candidate receives an OCGOP endorsement, does that mean the party controls that person? Does it mean anything at all?

Let's look at the historical record.

In the last two Newport Beach City Council elections, both OCGOP-endorsed candidates — me in 2006 and Ed Reno in 2010 — lost.

For the last decade in Irvine, being the OCGOP-endorsed candidate for mayor has meant absolutely nothing as the candidates supported by Councilman Larry Agran, a Democrat, win over and over.

Both cities have overwhelming Republican registered voter advantages.

So what about Costa Mesa?

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