Mailbag: What happened to zero tolerance at CdM?

May 25, 2012

Re. "CdM's Brown kills addiction," (Sports, May 18):

I enjoyed reading your article regarding CdM's star volleyball player, Parker Brown and, am so happy that he is on his way to a sober lifestyle.

My question is this: What do parents like myself tell our students who play sports at CdM when we are asked why this particular kid never got kicked off the team or out of school when he was high during games? Many parents, including myself, have been led to believe that CdM has a "zero tolerance" policy for any type of drug.


Yet after reading this article, this boy got to play in every game and also never got kicked out of school.

It seems that this is the complete opposite of what the school authorities have led us to believe and what we want our students to believe. So when my freshman athlete reads this article and thinks, "Hmm, sounds pretty cool that I can get high and still play my sport and even excel," what are we as parents suppose to tell our children?

I am very happy for this boy, don't get me wrong, but the message in this article never states what kind of consequences the school or his coaches imposed on him. In fact, it states that he is able to play in all the CIF games, has four amazing college choices, etc.

I realize he had to go to rehab, but that was his parents' choice, not the school's. Where do parents like us who have told our kids that they will get kicked off their teams, kicked out of school, etc. go from here?

We are under the impression that all the athletes have to sign a "code of conduct" before each season stating that he/she will not partake in any type of drug use or illegal activity. I'm very confused! Please point me in the right direction.

Jennifer Mannon

Newport Beach


Pilot story sent the wrong message

I am a faithful reader of the Daily Pilot because I think that we live in the greatest community, with talented students, athletes and great families. I love the success stories, and like everyone, I love to hear a great overcoming obstacle story, but your article on Parker Brown has really thrown me for a loop.

As the mom of a sixth-grader who is already hesitant about sending her oldest to a middle school that is on the same campus as the high school, how am I supposed to address my son's questions about this article? Everything that I believed about CdM is thrown out the window.

How in the world was Brown allowed to stay in school when this highly ranked school has a "zero tolerance" policy regarding drug use?

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