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Mailbag: Bicyclists, motorists make for a dangerous mix

May 16, 2012

The city of Costa Mesa did receive a proposal such as Wu describes from the OCFA, but there was no apples-to-apples cost comparison. The savings offered by contracting out were illusory because they were based on closing two fire stations. It turns out to be cheaper for Costa Mesa to keep its Fire Department and close the two fire stations than to accept OCFA's proposal.

Bottom line: One size does not fit all. What is good for Santa Ana is not necessarily good for a different city.

Eleanor Egan

Costa Mesa


Marathon's aftermath not so pretty

Living on Balboa Island, I am never happy to see the OC Marathon come to town and close the bridge and Bayside Drive. I always walk Sunday mornings, using the bridge and Bayside as my beginning point. I honestly do not like that I have to change my workout to accommodate this event. The ferry does fortunately provide an alternative, even though there is a minor cost involved.


What irritates me more than the inconvenience is having to look at the trash that remains from the marathon on my walks the following weekend on the Bayside sidewalks. A week after the marathon there are still dozens of energy gel pacs littering the sidewalk. Not only are these an eyesore, but also they are likely to end up in the gutters and storm drains and, eventually, our bay.

There is no excuse for the organization that put on the marathon leaving our city sidewalks in that condition. Please, city of Newport Beach, consider rerouting the marathon in the future and most certainly make sure they clean up after their event.

Shelly Trainor

Balboa Island


Hutchens backs Mansoor

I find it perplexing that a reformist like Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens would endorse Allan Mansoor (R-Costa Mesa) for Assembly, despite his ineffectual performance in Sacramento and a history of race-baiting by siding with the Minutemen. This race-baiting resulted in costly legal bills and harassment of legal residents in public forums. Fortunately, Newport Beach City Councilwoman Leslie Daigle or Newport activist Bob Rush — Mansoor's opponents in the 74th District race — would be far more pragmatic leaders reflective of the makeup of this new district. Heck, they'll even get some bills passed too, unlike Mansoor.

Omar Masry

Newport Beach


Koran's message not so peaceful

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