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Mailbag: Bicyclists, motorists make for a dangerous mix

May 16, 2012

I agree with permanent bans on cell-phone usage while driving, dogs sitting on driver's laps, GPS system viewing while in motion and all other distractions used by motorists in today's modern society. Distracted drivers exceeding speed limits and weaving around appear to be "ruling the road" for all of us: vehicle drivers and bicycle riders alike.

Does riding a bicycle keep the rider healthy and sane? Yes, if bicycle riders stay on sidewalk-like bike paths and off city streets. Otherwise, bicyclists place their very lives in the hands of inattentive motorists.

Here are a few recommendations for the committee:

1.) Because reflexes diminish with age, immediately restrict riders older than 65 from riding on busy streets;

2) Compel all adult bicycle riders to pay a registration fee and pass a licensing test about bicycle rules of the road;


3) If bicyclists insist on enlarging their "personal bicycle riding space," which forces changes to our long-standing traffic planners' engineered vehicle lanes in Newport Beach, then the bike riders should pay the bulk of the construction expense.

Carole Wade

Newport Beach


Business trips automatically call for reports

Re. Mailbag: "A detailed report should follow Las Vegas trip" (May 9): Of course a person sent by an organization to a meeting or convention or seminar would willingly — possibly eagerly — compose and submit a report detailing how the organization could benefit from the expense. If an organization honors someone by sponsoring their representation at an event, why would they hesitate to share the benefit of the trip with as many people as could read the report? I have had 25 years' experience in middle management at various large corporations and this practice was understood!

My wife has had more than 30 years of service with the state of California, and this was her practice and culture as well.

Haven't we heard about "running the city like a business?" We wonder about the business experience of some of our council members.

Dan and Barbara Rycroft

Costa Mesa


Outsourcing police and fire

Jack Wu asks "What if we outsourced both police and fire?" (May 12): He wonders why the city councils of Costa Mesa and Newport Beach wouldn't jump at the chance to save millions of dollars by contracting with the Orange County Fire Authority.

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