Mailbag: Put your columnist on trash service monopolies

May 03, 2012

For Jack Wu's next column, he might address the entire concept of "monopoly government services," i.e., why do I have to use the government's garbageman? Why can't I hire my own?

I hire my own gardener. My own mechanic. My own home remodeler. My own housekeeper. My own barber. My own dentist. My own doctor, and on and on, ad infinitum.

Why am I forced to buy the government's choice of garbageman?

I'd also like to have a choice of suppliers of water, electricity and gas. I don't like the government-protected monopoly of the water district or Southern California Edison. Monopolies always produce higher prices, lousier service and political corruption.


Concerning electricity, there is now a dramatic scandal with regard to "smart meters." Edison acts like the monopolist that it is, and with no consideration to property rights or consumer choice, with no consideration to the homeowner's consent or even foreknowledge, Edison has invaded our backyards and slapped a surveillance mechanism on our houses. I am outraged at this and want my old analog meter back.

But back to your column ("Wu: Sanitary district case built on old grudges," April 29). Since the existing supplier for the sanitary district has been the same since 1944, you can be sure the supplier has tentacles firmly implanted into the sanitary district bureaucracy and rules them. They've probably got a contract that protects them for years, and would cost a bundle to break, assuming the City Council had the guts to try it.

To repeat: I want the freedom to hire my own garbageman.

The services of trash pickup, water, electricity and gas should be provided by the private sector where competition prevails. The city councils can thus reduce their work loads and their tax collections.

Governments all over the world are in deep doo doo. A huge crash is on the way, and it will happen just as it did in the Communist countries: overnight. Most of these government employees fighting for no layoffs are going to be laid off anyway. They would be wise to avoid the rush and get their resumes together now and start shopping for new a job in the private sector.

Don Hull

Costa Mesa


Middle East far from free

Re. Shadia: Islam's influence on the Founding Fathers (April 25):

As our Founding Fathers were forming our Constitution, I'm sure they had in mind such bastions of freedom as Tunisia, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkmenistan, Lebanon, Algeria, Afghanistan, Chad, Sudan and Somalia.

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