Commentary: Costa Mesa needs to find realistic solutions

April 21, 2012|By Al Morelli

The fifth floor staffs at Costa Mesa City Hall, including our elected leaders, are struggling regarding what actions to do next and how to improve the city.

So, let's put on our thinking hats concerning what's next and how to evaluate their success. In my opinion, the leadership at the City Hall has been far less than pleasing. It has been apparent that the City Council leadership has been inefficient and ineffective.

The simple reality is that the welfare of the city should not be about them. Remembering leadership is not about how orderly things are, but how victorious you are at scaling effectiveness while will focusing on the right goals.


Efficiency is often about cost while effectiveness is about economic growth, development and strategy. Perhaps efficiency increases only as our effectiveness does. Leadership is not about how many speeches are broadcast during the council meeting; it's about building consensus, service and engagement.

I hear the buzz talks about pension reform, staff reductions, budget cuts and labor union warfare. Wow, a lot of political spin with all these strategies. The wishlist of capital improvements, as claimed, does ask for more money to operate the city.

Costa Mesa as a city needs to be more realistic, especially these days, and be willing to acknowledge that more money is not the answer. Realistic objectives need to be established for the next years; the real hard work is to bring forward the probable strategies to ensure the desired success.

For example, let's say, the city of Costa Mesa needs to increase sales revenues in the upcoming years. The truth is that the economic data have indicated that we are now in economic recession thus consumers are not spending. Therefore, this wishful thinking is not a realistic goal. Thus, the city should establish alternative strategies relative to the sales revenue goal:

1.) Pray for economic recovery to get more sales revenue from existing retailers.

2.) Investigate how local business owners are coping. Assist local business owners in expanding their business and building growth.

3.) Focus on promoting the city as a hub to bring new business to the city.

Praying for economic recovery may help, but is not relevant in this strategy. Also, brainstorming for strategies is difficult. Even more difficult is coming up with realistic approaches of evaluating whether the strategies are optimal.

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