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MCS golf begins with bang

Youth Scene

New golf team starts strong with win in season opener. Dolphins have 11 on team and eight on practice squad.

April 10, 2012|By Bruce Bourquin, Special to the Daily Pilot

Willson said his short game needs work — a sentiment echoed by nearly all of his teammates. Willson has played golf for five years, nearly two in tournaments. He noted the difference between team and individual play.

"It's a different kind of game," Willson said. "When I'm playing individually, I'm more aggressive. In team play, I have to think about the team and not take shots that can get you into trouble."

Wayne is another 'young veteran' of sorts, playing for three years and this season is his first competitively.

"I was a little nervous at first, but I'm having a lot of fun," Wayne said. "This is probably my favorite sport. I try to keep up with the pros, learn the fundamentals, how they swing. I dream a little bit, hopefully get to their level someday."


Jones said the team is working on reaching its goals.

"Our biggest goals for the program is one, for the kids to have passion and excitement for the game," he said. "Two, for them to grow in overall skills and the third is to experience being on a team. The kids are having a great time. That's the most exciting thing for me as a head coach, is seeing how much fun they've been having."

Nicole Gehring is the only girl on the team and has held her own playing against the boys.

"I like it," said Gehring, who's also involved with volleyball and performed rhythmic gymnastics. "I played a little when I was a kid. I picked it back up last year. It's challenging because you have to focus on the ball. You never know where the ball is going to go."

Enzo Burtin likes playing the game as well.

"I think it's better, you get to interact with people," Burtin said. "I like being in the outdoors. You don't have to physically hurt your body. I've been doing well with my irons."

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