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Mailbag: Elephant rides needed to saunter off

March 29, 2012

Since then, I have brought up the topic of the canal to the Balboa Island Improvement Assn. twice and asked Selich in person, at the Little Balboa Island Assn. meeting. The answers to my concern go as follows:

1.) We're working on it. The Rhine Chanel project is our priority, but we'll get to the canal.

2.) Eelgrass is the issue. As soon as we get permission. We're going to dredge the bayfront and the canal.

That was months ago. In the meantime, nothing happens.

Hundreds of people walk along the Grand Canal every day. It is an embarrassment, not only to the canal residents, but to all the citizens of Newport Beach.


Also, the sand erosion is so bad in places that the sand/dirt under the seawalls is actually washing away. Because Balboa Island is basically a big sand bar anyway, it's only a matter of time before a sea wall collapses or the side walks start to cave in, costing the city some big bucks.

We were told that after the first of the year, the city would come clean the scummy green moss off our beaches. Again, nothing.

Something is wrong when millions are spent on a fancy city hall, and Balboa Island beaches are allowed to turn into mud flats.

Mike Buettell

Balboa Island


Theaters with alcohol not family friendly

I am a longtime Newport Beach resident and have always frequented our local movie theaters regularly. My 16-year-old daughter did not have school Monday, so we spent the day at Fashion Island and thought it would be fun to see a movie at 1:30 in the afternoon. When we tried to buy tickets for the show at the new Island Cinemas, we were told that we could not see this movie as it was playing in a theater that contained an alcohol license and would not permit anyone without proof of being 21 and older. I attempted to explain that we would not be drinking alcohol and just watching the movie, but we were refused.

This was the second time that this has happened to my daughter at this theater. When the Island Cinemas first opened, she and her friends had bought tickets online for "Sherlock Holmes," which was rated PG-13, and when they arrived at the movies with the tickets in hand, they were told they could not attend and received a refund. They had made their plans and transportation arrangements based on the movie times.

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