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Mailbag: Elephant rides needed to saunter off

March 29, 2012

The recent decision of that majority in Costa Mesa to kick that gentle old elephant out and shut down the rides after these many years just fails the test of simple common sense. If anything, I'll bet that after a ride, those kids love and appreciate elephants all the more.

I've been to India and southeast Asia and have seen the hard work — the essential work — that elephants do. I've even ridden an elephant up a steep trail, lucky me. Are these elephants being abused? No! I appreciate elephants.

John Guy LaPlante

Newport Beach


Protest to save ship doesn't take neighbors into account

Re. "Protesters rally to save sailboat," March 25:


I am personally upset with our City Council and the legislative process that is allowing Dennis Holland to impose his inappropriate boat restoration on the neighborhood in which he lives.

He had a very bad idea to bring a large ship onto his small property, where he intended to restore it to its former splendor with no time frame for completion. Someone should have put him on notice, before the boat took root, that his small property was no place for this large vessel.

When he did this, he never gave a thought to the neighbors who may not enjoy seeing it towering outside their windows. In our neighborhood, a simple tree that becomes too tall or unruly can cause an action against the homeowner who allows it to become a distraction.

I do not live within five miles of his property (happy to say), and I don't know his neighbors, but they must be a lot nicer than I am because he and I would be at war early each morning until he agreed to move that mess. The sad fact that he has cancer does not give him the right to impose on his neighbors. I had cancer, and I never felt that it entitled me to any special privileges, so "that dog don't hunt."

He needs to step outside of his own self-interest and say, "How would I like having my daily life impacted by a bad decision my neighbor makes each day?" After six years of imposing on the neighborhood he needs to accept the fact that he won't finish this project and apologize for his lack of consideration.

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