Mailbag: Front page photos were too flattering to Obama during presidential visit

February 20, 2012
  • A demonstrator opposed to Obama's reelection crosses East Coast Highway at Poppy Avenue on Jan. 16 before the president's arrival to Corona del Mar. Obama was in town for a private fundraiser.
A demonstrator opposed to Obama's reelection crosses… (DON LEACH, Daily…)

I am extremely disappointed in how you reported President Obama's visit to Corona del Mar last week ("Obama visit rattles CdM," Feb. 17). I opened up the Daily Pilot the following day to see only signs supporting him on a full-front cover picture. This is such biased reporting and far from the total picture.

I couldn't believe my eyes as I had driven by on East Coast Highway and saw more signs against him and his policies than for them, yet all you show is what you want us to believe. I am tired of the biased, liberal media.

I thought my neighborhood newspaper would be above that, but I was forgetting that it is owned by the liberal Los Angeles Times. What was I thinking?

I changed my subscription from the L.A. Times to the O.C. Register years ago for this very reason. Shame on the Pilot. And, by the way, there are a lot of us who are not necessarily members of the Tea Party, but who just don't agree with Obama's policies.


Why can't you be fair in your reporting? I'll be shocked if this letter gets published on the editorial page.

Julie Long

Newport Beach


Coverage appeared biased

Fair and balanced? Hardly. A huge pro-Obama photo on the front page, above the fold, and a minuscule photo on page 7 for the opposition. Biased article.

No wonder your paper is a throwaway!

William S. Wright Jr.

Corona del Mar


Protesters outweighed supporters

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but are those words portraying a true picture? In the case of a recent photograph prominently displayed on the Feb.17 Daily Pilot front page, the answer is absolutely no.

As a participant in the crowd who lined East Coast Highway the day President Obama came to town for another campaign fundraiser, I observed four times as many signs with a negative viewpoint about Obama's leadership.

Therefore, I found it misleading when the paper chose a picture of pro Obama people, huddled together and holding supportive signs, as their featured front-page article. One sign claimed, "Obama Creates Jobs."

Really? Our current unemployment rate in California remains over 11%, and that figure doesn't even include the unemployed who have given up looking.

Hundreds of patriotic protesters took time to make signs and then stand in the cold for hours in order to express their concerns with the current administration. Sadly, the Pilot's article did not include a single picture of them or their signs (Editor's note: A photograph of Obama detractors appeared on Page 7).

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